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Mens Turquoise Rings

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Lander Blue Ring - Mens Turquoise RingJohn and Dillon have just updated ourMens Turquoise Rings presentation on and would like to invite you to visit our new page for some great photos and information.

Durango Silver Co has been making high quality Mens Turquoise Ringsfor almost forty years now! We have become well known for our unique Mens Turquoise Rings with spectacular Turquoise Stones. I remember when Lander Blue first came out on the market which was about 1975. Estell and I purchased about 500 carats in Battle Mountain, Nv., they gave it to us in a small brown paper bag and we put it in our truck. Somehow, when we got back home in Albuquerque the bag was nowhere to be found. We figured out we must have thought it was a bag of trash and threw it out when we cleaned our truck somewhere along the way home.

Soon after, we started buying Lander Blue Spiderweb Turquoise nearly every week for our Mens Turquoise Rings. At that time, Lander Blue was $4.00 per carat and the same stones will now bring nearly $250.00 per carat. Anyway, we must have made over 250 wonderful Lander Blue Mens Turquoise Rings in Silver as well as gold. We shipped Lander Blue Rings of all types, but mostly mens Ring to many areas of the world.

Those were great times and we have made thousands of great Mens Turquoise Rings since.