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Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Examples of collectors grade old Navajo Pawn Turquoise Jewelry

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn

Durango Silver Company has just put up a new section in our site located at Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn. We have closed our brick and mortar Indian Trading Post after four decades of business. We have a world of back stock and stuff we need to get rid of as we are selling the property. We have loads of old and authentic Turquoise Jewelry that we has in the vault, Jewelry case drawers and in the attic we need to get rid of to downsize. Our authentic Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn will become a great place for individual’s to find bargains on authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry like they have never seen before!

Native American Turquoise Jewelry – Dead Pawn

John Hartman has been buying, selling and collecting Native American Turquoise Jewelry – Dead Pawn for well over 40 years. We have always had a case and wall of antique Indian Jewelry and Old Navajo Pawn for sale in out Trading Post for the duration we had been open to the public. John has always run around the American Southwest in search of old Indian Jewelry to resale, now he is going to broaden his area to bring great deals from our area to our web store located at You will be able to find true bargains on authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry that are not often available and you can be assured it is real as John Hartman is one of the leading authorities on Native American Turquoise Jewelry and Dead Pawn in the American Southwest – John does not buy or sell fakes! and never has!

A Bargain Barn of Authentic Native American Indian Jewelry

Durango Silver Company is developing and will maintain a bargain barn of authentic Native American Indian Jewelry, handmade in the American Southwest and 100% real/authentic! This will be the Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn like no other, there are not many honest old Indian Traders left as this area has been overrun by Johnny-come-latelies just in it for the $$$ and they will sell you anything and tell you anything to make their buck! Durango Silver Company has had a long reputation of honesty, integrity and knowledge of the Native American Turquoise Jewelry industry of the American Southwest and you will get this when you buy from Durango Silver Company.

Take a look at this page, An Indian Traders Dream Story Fort Defiance Trading Post, Arizona . this story goes way back and should give some creditability to John for you. We invite you to visit the new Durango Silver Company Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn, you will be glad you did! We will be producing old Traders Stories, Videos of John buying old Indian Jewelry collections and more – FUN!

The Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn – See Ya There!


John Hartman Jewelry

Monday, April 11th, 2011
Southwestern Jewelry by John Hartman
John Hartman Jewelry

John Hartman has been an accomplished Jeweler now for over 38 years. He works in Gold and/or Sterling Silver, however, Silver is the precious metal of his choice. He likes using colorful gemstones in his Jewelry and enjoys creating new designs incorporating the gemstones within the design. Most of John’s Jewelry is created from Silver sheet and different shaped Silver wire such as round, half-round, triangular and square. He also hand stamps, engraves and tools the Silver in many different ways to create the designs that are unique to his wonderful Southwestern Silver Jewelry designs.

We invite you to view our new page on John Hartman and think you will enjoy this presentation.
Check out our John Hartman Jewelry presentation page here.
John Hartman is a Southwestern Silver Jewelry Artisan. John makes the highest quality of Turquoise Jewelry coming out of the Southwestern United States today.

Bear Claw Necklace

Monday, February 21st, 2011
Bear Claw Necklace
Stormy Mountain Turquoise Bear Claw Necklace
Bear Claw Necklace

John Hartman has been in the Turquoise Jewelry business most of his life. In 1969, John and Estell Hartman went mining near Battle Mountain, Nevada with the owner of the Stormy Mountain Turquoise Mine, Cutler Edgar and mined this beautiful and very scarce Stormy Mountain Turquoise. They cut these stones along with hundreds of others which they made into Silver Jewelry in the 1970’s.

When traveling through Kalispel, Montana John traded for these Kodiak Bear Claws from a Taxidermist. Kodiak Bear Claws were difficult to find then and must be today.
John recently made this wonderful Bear Claw Necklace as a show piece and in remembrance of his work from the past. In the mid 1970’s John had made Bear Claw Jewelry for Bing Crosby, Waylon Jennings and for major football players as well as movie stars. Over a course of about 3 years John says he had set over 4000 bear claws into Silver Jewelry.
This Stormy Mountain Turquoise Bear Claw Necklaceis truly one of a kind and a very special piece of Western Silver Jewelry.