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Turquoise Jewelry Information

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Turquoise Jewelry Information

Turquoise Jewelry InformationTurquoise is a classic gemstone that will add interest to anyoutfit. With Turquoise, artisans create jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets,and necklaces. Moreover, Turquoise Jewelry is an ideal gift for a manor a woman. When owners take proper care of their Turquoise, they can expectthe gemstone to remain vibrant and attractive for many years and it can becomeheirloom Turquoise Jewelry. Please read through more of the information in

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Turquoise Jewelry Information from Durango Silver Company

Turquoise Jewelry InformationWhen you follow the links on this website you will learn thebasics of Turquoise Jewelry. This page is intended to teach you just enoughabout Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry Information to be dangerous. Thisknowledge will hopefully keep you from getting tricked into buying fake Turquoisein jewelry, low grade stones sold as high grade. If you would like more detialedinformation we have over 400 informational pages about Turquoise, gemstones

and jewelry on this website which can be found through our Jewelry Learning

Center. You will find a summary of facts and information that will help you

and assist you as a Turquoise Jewelry buyers guide. – See more at:

Turquoise Jewelry Information

There is so much Turquoise Jewelry Information out there, it is nice to have a guide to help you sift through the info.  The Hartman’s from Durango Silver Company are all about helping you learn and grow your Turquoise Jewelry Information base so that you can make educated purchases and feel confident in your collection.

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Turquoise Jewelry Information | Durango Silver Company

New Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon Hartman

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Dillon Hartman’s Turquoise Jewelry

Gold Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon HartmanDillon Hartman has been making Turquoise Jewelry since he was a small boy learning from his father, prolific Southwestern Jewelry artist John Hartman.  John taught Dillon to hand make Silver Jewelry when Dillon was 8 years old.  At this time John and Estell Hartman had a Jewelry business named “Hartman’s of Durango” where the made Southwestern silver jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry for Cold Water Creek, Zippo Lighter company, and many major department stores.  Dillon Hartman began the process of learning how to make Turquoise Jewelry by helping John Hartman around his silver shop.  Dillon would do odd jobs, helping to assemble jewelry, buff, file, sand, etc. After a few years of learning how to use all the tools and basic skills, John began to teach Dillon the “Lost Wax” casting process. Once proficient in this, Dillon Hartman began to learn how to make basic silver jewelry with hand stamps and hand tools. It was not until 2002 when John Hartman began to teach Dillon to cut Turquoise Cabochons which was the gateway to Dillon making Turquoise Jewelry.

New Turquoise Jewelry

Inlay Turquoise BraceletToday Dillon Hartman makes all kinds of Turquoise Jewelry from Inlay Turquoise Jewelry to old style bezel set silver jewelry and 14k gold jewelry with natural American Turquoise.  Dillon had been on a hiatus making only a few pieces a year and mainly working on and advertising the Hartman family jewelry and Native American Jewelry world wide.  Recently he has been back in the studio and making some beautiful new Turquoise Jewelry and gemstone silver jewelry focusing on old style silver pieces such as bezel set  Turquoise pendants, bracelets, earrings and his favorite Turquoise Rings.  Dillon has been making Turquoise Jewelry with stones from all different Turquoise mines in American and Tibet.  He has also been making gemstone jewelry with Sugilite, Coral, Gaspeite, Silver Ore, and more!  Keep your eyes peeled on for new products from Dillon Hartman.

New Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon

Go to this link to see all of Dillon Hartman’s Jewelry:   Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon Hartman

One of a Kind Jewelry

Friday, August 26th, 2011

One of a Kind Jewelry

Non One of a kind jewelry

Production Zuni Turquoise Inlay Earrings

The most valuable of all jewelry is one of a kind jewelry.  There are many different types of one of a kind jewelry.  There is one of a kind gold jewelry, one of a kind silver jewelry, one of a kind bead jewelry, and many many more varieties of one of a kind jewelry.  One thing all of one of a kind jewelry has in common is that it is handmade.  In today’s age it is very difficult to find anything handmade from any local in the world.  Most of the products people purchase these days is mass produced or manufactured for the masses, meaning there hundreds, thousands or millions of the same exact product, which is definately not one of a kind. This is also true with jewelry, most of the jewelry on the market today is not one of a kind jewelry but rather mass produced jewelry.  Some of this non one of a kind jewelry such as the gorgeous Zuni Turquoise Inlay Earrings to the right is very highend quality jewelry, other pieces of manufactured or non one of a kind jewelry is low grade and purely made to offer the current fashion at the lowest price. 

One of a Kind Jewelry with Gemstones

one of a kind jewelry

One of a kind Turquoise and Sugilite Bracelet

One of the best avenues to find one of a kind jewelry is when shopping for unique gemstones. In general when artisans are making jewelry, silver jewelry or gold jewelry, with high end gemstones they will make this jewelry as one of a kind jewelry.  Most jewelers and artisans consider handmade one of a kind jewelry to be the best place for high end gemstones such as rare American Turquoise, Opal, Coral, etc. All jewelers consider handmade one of a kind jewelry to be the most valuable and collectible jewelry.  The easiest way to find handmade one of a kind jewelry is to shop at galleries that carry local artisans, famous artisans or make their own jewelry, you can also shop online from the company or artist’s personal website such as  When you are shopping in the right places it will be easy to find one of a kind jewelry with highend gemstones, not to mention YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR when shopping with the artisan or craftsmen.  You will find the highest grade of gemstones in one of kind jewelry made in America!

One of a Kind Jewelry Around The World

Beautiful one of a kind jewelry is made around the world.  Some of the highest grade gemstones and highest quality one of a kind jewelry is made in America. To jewelry collectors, especially those that collect highend silver jewelry or Southwestern jewelry, they rely on American artist to provided them with a selection of quality one of a kind jewelry to choose from.  Having said this, there are wonderful craftsmen and artists that make top grade one of a kind jewelry in every country around the world!  Some of the countries that are best known for one of a kind jewelry are; America, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, and a few others.

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