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Japan Radiation Disaster

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Japan Radiation Disaster,

Our heart goes out to our Japanese friends and all of the people in Japan. What we are seeing on Television and the Internet couldn’t begin to convey your disaster. We can only hope, pray and give generously to help you in your grave times of need. If there is anything possible that we can do beyond this, we will without hesitation.

Please! Everyone who see’s this post – Pick up your cell phone and Text in a minimum initial $10.00 by texting Red Cross to 90999, it is as simple as that and if you can afford that phone you can afford $10.00 to people that are in dire straits.

Beyond this, let’s all work harder to make as much extra money we can to donate to these people who may be the first in the world to experience mass fallout from the nuclear power plants that have been devastated. Please go to to find the other ways you can donated as much as you can. Please!

My personal note, If those nuclear reactors blow (four of them) how can they escape the radiation? Radiation particles will completely fill the air and there will be no way to escape from that! Tell me, what kind of filter would clean all of the oxygen coming into a house – there is not one!

This is a real disaster and we need to get started helping right now!