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Silver and Turquoise Pendants

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
Turquoise and Silver Pendants

Silver and Turquoise Pendants

Silver and Turquoise Pendants– Durango Silver Company specializes in Turquoise Pendants as well as Turquoise Pendants. We have been in business for nearly forty years and Turquoise Pendants have been a major part of the Turquoise Jewelry that we have produced.

Durango Silver Company has published an educational Silver and Turquoise Pendants page and will be putting up our new page on Turquoise Pendants that has additional educational information and photos today. We will follow up with another Word-Press blog on the new page as soon as it become available.

You may also wish to visit our Learning Center as well as our Turquoise Jewelry Education Page and Silver Jewelry Education Page  for additional information.

We will be providing additional educational information on Silver and Turquoise Pendants, Turquoise and Silver Pendants, Turquoise Pendants, Silver Pendants, Navajo Turquoise Pendants, Zuni Turquoise Pendants, Zuni Petit Point, Zuni Needlepoint Pendants, Navajo Pendants, Indian Jewelry Pendants, Native American Turquoise Pendants and Native American Indian Turquoise Pendants soon. We hope you become our friends by joining our Newsletter group where you can win free Turquoise Jewelry in our Silver Jewelry Giveaway.