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Hand Crafted Turquoise Jewelry

Friday, February 18th, 2011
Mens Turquoise Ring

Royston Turquoise Mens Ring

Handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Company is fabricated by hand. This means a craftsman uses silver sheet and multiple shapes of wires along with their own personal techniques to design a piece of Jewelry. Each piece of Turquoise Jewelry is unique to itself and hand crafted to be one of a kind.

There is no doubt that some Jewelers are simply better than others! There are talented and experienced Jewelers that create amazingly beautiful handcrafted Turquoise Jewelry items that are true works of art. High quality hand crafted Turquoise Jewelry is found throughout the Southwestern United States as well as in many other areas of our country and the world by individual Jewelers who have access to Turquoise.

We invite you to visit our Turquoise Jewelry Educational Presentationto read more about Hand Crafted Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Company. We also invite you to shop our online store by clicking on the buttons to the left side of this page.

Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Co

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Co

Turquoise-Jewelry Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Co is unique into itself as we are well known for having the best Turquoise in our Jewelry. It is our pleasure and are standard to use only Natural Turquoise in our Turquoise Jewelry. Turquoise is not only a beautiful gemstone, it has been used as a  metaphysical stone for over 7500 years and we respect that – we believe it is important to make and deal in Real Turquoise and we will never loose site of that.

Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Co

We make many types and styles of Turquoise Jewelry right here in Durango and we have handled the finest Navajo, Zuni and Contemporary Native American Turquoise Jewelry for over 37 years. We own several Turquoise Mines in Nevada and have mined Turquoise with some of the greatest historic Turquoise Minors of the past. We invite you to check us out our Turquoise Jewelry Page for more information.Join our Newsletter for upcoming articles on Turquoise, Turquoise Jewelry and Durango Silver Co; Sign Up Now!