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Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry

Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry

Durango Silver Co has been producing quality hand crafted Silver Jewelry for nearly forty years now. We have just created a great new presentation page on Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry we believe you will appreciate, we invite you to check it out by following the link in this paragraph.

This is a nice page that includes photos along with descriptions of the hand crafted silver jewelry that is shown in each photo. It is a good informational page that you will enjoy -check it out!

Quality Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry

There is a lot of Silver Jewelry on the market as Silver is a precious metal and has been used worldwide for Jewelry for centuries. Most of the Silver Jewelry that you will find is machine made, usually in China, India or other industrialized areas of the world. this Silver Jewelry is mass produced for the fashion market. Usually, imitation stones are used and lately imitation Silver is used as well.

 Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry is considerably different than the typical Silver Jewelry you will find in the open market places. Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry is generally made by hand with much care and time consumming hand work has gone into each piece. Durango Silver Company produces hand crafted Silver Jewelry and we also purchase hand crafted silver jewelry from Native American Indians of the Southwest of which is where we are located.

Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company is well known worldwide for having some of the finest quality Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry available from the Southwestern region of the United States. We make hand crafted silver jewelry here in Durango, Colorado USA and we also have Silver Jewelry made for our company by Native American Indians as well as contemporary artisans from the local southwester regions in which we reside.

We have mined and collected high grade Turquoise for over forty years and use our prime Turquoise in the hand crafted silver jewelry that we produce as well as the Native American Indian Jewelry that we have made specifically for our company. We are very careful in the hand crafted silver jewelry that we produce as well as purchase from other artists that the quality of the craftsmanship is supurb and the gemstones used in our Jewelry are natural and top quality.

You can count on Durango Silver Company for having exceptional Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry, we hope you will take the time to visit our online store and view our Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry for yourself!