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Green Turquoise Earrings

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Green Turquoise Earrings

Green Turquoise from Nevada has always been a favorite here at Durango Silver Company as we mine green Turquoise there. Green Green Turquoise EarringsTurquoise Earrings are also a favorite to us and we specialize in Green Turquoise Earrings due to our own interests. Green Turquoise has natural look and feel and many people enjoy wearing green Turquoise over blue. This pair of Green Turquoise Earrings were Navajo handmade in sterling silver with fluted concho top pieces and Broken Arrow Turquoise gemstones from Nevada. You can read more about this particular pair on their presentation page by clicking on the link above.

We invite you to check out our presentation on Green Turquoise Earrings. You will find many great photos with informative text describing the different Earrings in the photos.

Green Turquoise Earrings by Durango Silver Company

Green Turquoise EarringsCarico Lake Turquoise is one of the most popular and well known types of Turquoise from Nevada. This is a classic pair of Sterling Silver and Carico Lake Turquoise stud earrings by Native American artist Archie Ganadonegro. There are many shades of Green Turquoise Earrings depending on which Turquoise mine the Turquoise comes from in Nevada. Green Turquoise runs from a light-pale green to a military green which is dark green Turquoise. The Royston Turquoise Mine produces beautiful Turquoise that has both blue and green in the same stone which is very attractive. Green Turquoise Earrings are beautiful and natural in appearance when worn.

Lime green Turquoise Earrings as shown in this photo is bright, cheerful and exotic which is why it is in high demand.

Authentic Green Turquoise Earrings

Contemporary Green Turquoise Earrings

 To the right is a contemporary style of Green Turquoise Earrings made by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company. John was born and raised in the Southwest and began his interests in Southwest Art, Turquoise and Native American history early in his life. By the age of 19, John was traveling throughout Nevada, trading with Turquoise Mine owners and even mining Turquoise. By the age of 20, both John and wife Estell had become Silversmiths as well as lapidarists cutting the Turquoise they collected and then setting their gemstones into Jewelry.

Green Turquoise Earrings were made from the Turquoise they mined in Nevada as John and Estell fell in love with Nevada green Turquoise early on in life. John and Estell have collected Nevada green Turquoise now for over 40 years and have amassed a wonderful Turquoise Collection as well as a great collection of Nevada Green Turquoise Earrings.

Check out what Wikipedia has to say about Green Turqoise. We have also created a great informational page on Turquoise Earrings you will appreciate if you have further interest in Green Turquoise Earrings.

Turquoise Earrings from the Southwest

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Southwest Turquoise EarringsTurquoise Earrings by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been in the Turquoise Jewelry business for nearly forty years now. We are a family owned and run business and quality Turquoise Jewelry with high grade authentic Turquoise is our specialty. Turquoise Earrings is a big part of our business, we always have a large variety of Turquoise Earrings on hand.

We mine green turquoise in Nevada so we have a lot of Green Turquoise Earrings to chose from and even have many different styles of contemporary green Turquoise Earrings for you to look at. The Turquoise Earrings you see here in this photo have ribbon Turquoise from the Royston Turquoise Mine located near Tonopah Nevada. They are a contemporary type Turquoise Earring which is very popular these days. Durango Silver Company produces a lot of contemporary Turquoise Earrings and we invite you to take a look at our presentation page on Turquoise Earrings.

We also produce a lot of blue Turquoise Earrings at Durango Silver Company. We use Arizona Turquoise in our blue Turquoise Earrings from the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine, Kingman Turquoise Mine and Bisbee turquoise mine. Blue Turquoise Earrings hold the largest share of the Turquoise Earring market so we produce a lot of  blue Turquoise Earrings. Check out our presentation on Blue Turquoise Earrings.

Turquoise Earrings Video

Friday, April 1st, 2011
Turquoise Earrings Video
Turquoise Earrings

Durango Silver Company has just put up a new educational presentation page which includes our Turquoise Earrings Video. This is a presentation page for Turquoise Earrings and includes photos of different types of Turquoise Earring along with descriptive text as to what you are seeing in the photos.

The Turquoise Earrings Video goes over many different types of Turquoise Earrings and Dillon describes the different aspects that make our Turquoise Earrings different than others available.
We invite you to check our new page out, it is located here!