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Turquoise Gold Ring

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Turquoise Gold Ring

Turquoise Gold Ring
Bisbee Turquoise and Gold Ring by John Hartman

A high quality Turquoise Gold Ring is refreshingly different as well as highly unusual – Individuals that have one or more of our Turquoise Gold Rings covet them as we repeatedly hear the Gold and Turquoise Ring they purchased from us is their favorite Gold Ring in their collection.

Durango Silver Company produces a quality Southwestern styled Turquoise Gold Ring that is unusual and not found elsewhere as we have a style of our own and we do not wholesale our Turquoise Gold Rings to any other reseller. If you would like to own a Turquoise Gold Ring from our company, you can purchase one at our online store or at our Trading Post located in Durango Colorado USA.

We invite you to look for a Gold Turquoise Ring by following this link now. We also invite you to view our presentation page on Gold Turquoise Ring – Check it out!

A Turquoise Gold Ring

Gold Ring Turquoise

A Gold Ring with Turquoise is truly fabulous and really does attract the eyes of Jewelry minded individuals. Durango Silver Company makes one of a kind, individual and unique Turquoise Gold Rings that only one person owns. We are proud to produce one of a kind Gold Jewelry that individualizes our customers as being unique people that think outside of the box.

 It is typical to see a woman or gentleman with a common gold band or even a Diamond Ring, and really don’t you think they are common by now? Over 90% of the public just go down to the Jewelry Store chain and buy a typical Gold Ring that is just like a million others that are made in mass production for the masses, they spread them out amongst their 30,000 chain stores and display them differently to make you think you have decided on a special Gold Ring. Well that is department store jewelry for ya! and if you go to a Jewelry Store chain to buy your gold ring, you fit right in with the rest of the crowd.

Turquoise Gold Ring from Durango Silver Company

 Carico Lake Turquoise Gold RingA Turquoise Gold Ring from Durango Silver Company is a quality piece of American Gold Jewelry from the Southwest. It is inherantly different and unusual from other Gold Rings and we are positive non of your friends will have one like yours as each and every Turquoise Gold Ring from our company is one-of-a-kind!

 This is a beautiful Carico Lake Turquoise Gold Ring, you can read more about this Turquoise Gold Ring on its presentation page by following the link. This Carico Lake Turquoise is unusual as it is a lime green color that is very uncommon for Turquoise – it is rare and individuals seek it out for its rarity and beauty. A Turquoise Gold Ring with lime green Carico Lake Turquoise will make a Gold Jewelry Connoisseur’s eyes spin! The Southwestern design in Gold makes this Turquoise Gold Ring unusual and stand out as being different in a crowd.

We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering a Turquoise Gold Ring. Check out the Turquoise Gold Rings we have available today and come back often as we add others to our collection often. Turquoise Gold Rings from Durango Silver Company are individual pieces of art so if interested we would be happy to make you your own personalized custom Turquoise Gold Ring, get hold of us!