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Silver and Gold Jewelry

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Silver and Gold Jewelry – Silver and Gold Jewelry - Lime Turquoise in Silver and GoldDurango Silver Company has just completed a new presentation page on Silver and Gold Jewelry. This is an educational page to help you learn about a unique style of Southwestern Jewelry that we will be producing more of for 2011.

Western Silver and Gold Jewelry is very beautiful as the contrast between Silver and Gold in substancial and the combination has a great look in Jewelry. Silver Jewelry with touches of Gold takes on a whole new look and it is pretty exciting and attractive.

Turquoise has always been a favorite when set in Gold, we think Turquoise looks really great in Silver and Gold Jewelry. When set in Southwestern and Johns Victorian Jewelry designs by Durango Silver Company you will be excited to see more.

We will adding many new pieces each week to our porfolio so keep coming back to Durango Silver Company to see our new Silver and Gold Jewelry from the American Southwest.

Visit our new Silver and Gold Jewelry Educational Presentation

Silver and Gold Jewelry

Friday, January 21st, 2011
Silver and Gold Turquoise Ring
Silver and Gold Ring with Dry Creek Turquoise

Silver and Gold Jewelry is a beautiful combination in mixed precious metals. Silver Jewelry accented with Gold makes an outstanding color combination in design and it is becoming very popular as precious metals are  going through the roof in value. Durango Silver Company is now making Silver and Gold Rings, Silver Gold Pendants, Gold Silver Necklaces and Silver Gold Bracelets.

Durango Silver Company has been inti-dated with individuals requesting  Gold and Silver Jewelry. Our associates claim  Silver and Gold Jewelry to be the next American Jewelry in high demand. Sterling Silver and Gold is now a happening thing – check it out.

We have had excellent success with our Silver and Gold Jewelry and combining it with high grade Turquoise Gemstones, in fact, they sell about as fast as we make them. We have found ourselves making Silver Gold Rings on a weekly basis and have even made a silver gold ring with nearly a half ounce of 18ky Gold mixed with Sterling Silver accents.

Silver has more than doubled in the last year and is sitting around $30.00 per ounce and Gold is at $1400.00 per ounce. The U.S. Government predictions are that Silver will reach $135.00 per ounce by 2015 and most likely sooner.

China is requesting it people to invest in Silver and the world is using nearly 15% more Silver in industry than is being taken out of the ground. Government restrictions on mining have become problematic and has increased the cost of mining any material from the ground astronomical. Silver and Gold is definitely worth checking into now as investment or to sell your excess.

We are now making Silver and Gold Jewelry and you will be seeing a lot more of it from our company. Here is another example of a Sterling Silver Gold Ring, take a look. If you are interested in Southwestern Jewelry, pay attention to the new inovations in Sterling Silver and Gold Durango Silver Company will be producing more and more of.