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Friday, December 17th, 2010

Turquoise Jewelry Give AwayDurango Silver Co is expanding our Jewelry Giveaway program for 2011. We are working on developing a much stronger giveaway program due to so much response to our 2010 giveaway project. It has been great, we have made a lot of new friends and our giveaway program has been a success for our company.

We have been manufacturing Jewelers for almost forty years now and we have a lot of overstock. We are happy to giveaway free Jewelry which actually helps our business in return. People join our Newsletter and tell a friend about our company who then join as well which has grown our network substantially.

It 2011, we are going to put a lot more effort into our Jewelry giveaway program by at least doubling the amount of Jewelry we will give away. We plan to have many other types of incentive programs for our Newsletter group as well,  we are in the process of  another special giveaway and awards program for individuals who help us spread our Newsletter.

If you are interested in Gemstone Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry or Western Silver,  join our Newsletter which will automatically enroll you into our JEWELRY GIVEAWAY  program. You can also view our FREE TURQUOISE JEWELRY presentation page for additional information.