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Gem Turquoise

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

High Quality Turquois - Gem TurquoiseGem Turquoise is actually very rare as about 5% of all Turquoise ever found was high grade or gem quality Turquoise. Gem Grade Turquoise is Turquoise that has matured to the hardness of a 5 on the Mohs scale of gemstone hardness. At this state of hardness the stone has become almost agatized and has become very stable and is easy to polish to a brilliant, glass like finish.

Durango Silver Company has written a very nice article on Gem  Turquoise and invite you to visit the page.

We also have included a lot of photos of Gem Turquoise Jewelry for you to see what Gem Turquoise looks like in Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry.

Gem Turquoise Jewelry

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

gem turquoise jewelry from Durango Silver CompanyGem Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has been in the Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry for almost 40 years. We have been collectors of fine quality Turquoise and have a major collection of rough and cut Turquoise from many of the Turquoise Mines of the past as well as the present. We have been Turquoise Jewelry manufacturers since 1972 and dealers in Native American Indian Jewelry since that period as well. We are leading authorities on Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry and we produce some of the finest quality gem quality Jewelry coming out of the Southwest today. We invite you to visit our Online Store to view some of our Turquoise Jewelry that is currently available. If you would like to follow this topic visit the Gem Turquoise Jewelry Page.


Turquoise Qualities by Durango Silver Jewelry

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Turquoise Qualities

There are many different things to consider when trying to determine Turquoise Qualities.  As far as natural Turquoise, there is color, character, locality which the stone came from, matrix patterning,  hardness, and luster.  In today’s market Turquoise qualities are also based on whether they are natural or have been treated.

Turquoise Qualities

Turquoise QualitiesDurango Silver Company uses a large variety of Turquoise as well as many other quality gemstones that complement Turquoise. This Page, Turquoise Values,  includes information about the Turquoise that is used in the Jewelry Durango Silver Company produces and deals in. I discusses many types of Turquoise such as Bisbee Turquoise, Morenci Turquoise, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and many other high quality types of Turquoise.
Durango Silver Company has manufactured Turquoise Jewelry for nearly 40 years, we have always put high priority on using the finest Turquoise Gemstones possible in our Jewelry. With this in mind, we have been collectors of high quality Turquoise that had been mined in the past and we have continuously been buying Turquoise since we started our business.

Turquoise Qualities