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Durango Silver Newsletter

Monday, April 4th, 2011
Durango Silver Newsletter and Giveaway
Durango Silver Newsletter

Our Newsletter and Giveaway program

Once a month or two we send out a Newsletter. In our newsletter we tell our members what we are up to at Durango Silver Company, Durango and the four corners region.  We have a monthly drawing for our newsletter members where we giveaway at least Durango Silver Jewelry to at least three people. If you are not a member of our Newsletter group – Sign up Now!
This past Friday we sent out our Newsletter and gave some very important information about Silver and how it has more then doubled i value in the past year and that it is up to nearly $38.00 per ounce today. We had informed our newsletter group one year ago that Silver would do this and we got a letter back from Jame Ingrim that he had followed up on our suggestion to invest in Silver. James has made a $225,000.00 profit directly due to our suggestion of investment in Silver one year ago! Great James! Congradulatons!
We still think Silver will continue to rise and most likely double again this year!