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Blue Diamond Turquoise

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Blue Diamond Turquoise RingsBlue Diamond Turquoise has become very rare, it is beautiful Turquoise but almost extinct! Durango Silver Co has a small stash of it and use it in our Jewelry once in a while. We just put up a large mens Ring on our site and you can see it here. Blue Diamond Turquoise is known for its blue/blue color with mangonese black matrix. It is very striking Turquoise and was mined in the 1960’s.

Here is the description for the Ring; Cable Design large mens Blue Diamond Turquoise ring by John Hartman. This is a top grade American Turquoise men’s ring that focuses on a high grade deep blue and black spider web Turquoise cabochon from the Blue Diamond Turquoise mine in Nevada. This rare Turquoise cabochon has three tones of blue with fine black spider web matrix. This American Turquoise cabochon is surrounded by a plain silver bezel and a flat rope or cable design. This is all set atop a heavy three prong cable designed shank.

Check it out!