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Natural Turquoise

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Natural Turquoise

quality natural turquoise Quality authentic natural Turquoise is very scarce and difficult to find. Lower grades of Turquoise is dominant and many have found ways to enhance it to make it darker and harder for thousands of years.  There is a lot of low grade Turquoise in many different areas of the world but it is not suitable to use in Jewelry or to carve so it is discarded.  Turquoise has become one of the top ten most popular gemstones on earth so you can be assured that a lot of enhanced and even fake Turquoise will continue to dominate the marketplace.

Quality Natural Turquoise is available for individuals that appreciate this gemstone for its true beauty. Authentic Turquoise that is natural is highly sought after by many in the United States and throughout the world as it has good value and many believe it is a good investment. For others, natural Turquoise is a spiritual gemstone that has had a great history with Native Americans, Tibetans, Egyptians, Persians and many other cultures around the world. You will find natural Turquoise and Natural Turquoise Jewelry in most every home in Tibet, Tibetans worship Turquoise and have believed for thousands of years that Turquoise brings its bearers happiness, good luck, health and fortune and the Native American have believed the same for over 2000 years.

Quality Natural Turquoise

High quality Natural Turquoise and Natural Turquoise Jewelry has great value, both financial as well as spiritual, today and it will become very precious as time goes on. To find quality natural Turquoise you must find a reputable Turquoise dealer that is seasoned and is very familiar with the gemstone. Make certain the dealer can guarantee the authenticity of the Turquoise they claim to be Natural.

Natural Turquoise Jewelry with authentic natural Turquoise is also difficult to find. To find high quality Natural Turquoise Jewelry, you must find a reputable dealer that has been in the trade for several years and most certainly long enough to have learned how to detect the difference between natural and enhanced Turquoise.

Durango Silver Company has been in the Turquoise business mining and collecting authentic quality natural Turquoise and high quality Turquoise Jewelry with the finest quality natural Turquoise gemstones. We are known throughout the world for producing some of the finest Jewelry that has come out of the Southwestern United States in the past and we will continue into the future. You can trust Durango Silver Company for Natural Turquoise as well as natural Turquoise Jewelry.

Authentic Natural Turquoise

Authentic Turquoise is important to individuals who value quality gemstones and Jewelry. It is important to individuals who believe in the spirituality of certain gemstones and it is important to native peoples around the world who have been associated with Turquoise throughout history. Quality natural Turquoise is also very important to Durango Silver Company and it is the specialty of our company. If you are looking for or are interested in Natural Turquoise we invite you to visit Durango Silver Company online, view our complete Natural Turquoise presentation and video and make certain to visit our Learning Center.

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Authentic Turquoise JewelryAuthentic Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has just completed a new informational page on Authentic Turquoise Jewelry and would like to invite you to check it out. This is a presentation on Authentic Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Company and from the American Southwest. It includes many photos and informational text of what you see in the photos, links and an abundance on authentic Turquoise Jewelry.

This page informs you on the difference between authentic Turquoise Jewelry and the vast amount of import Jewelry that has been coming onto the American marketplace in the last few years. Turquoise Jewelry has become popular worldwide these days and do to this it is being made in many areas of the world. The biggest problem with import Turquoise Jewelry is that  a lot of it is made with inferior materials such as fake Turquoise and fake Silver. Authentic Turquoise Jewelry from the USA is made with authentic Turquoise and real Sterling Silver, it has real value.

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing authentic Turquoise Jewelry for nearly 40 years, we take great pride in the authentic and natural American Turquoise that we use in our Jewelry as well as the attention to quality of the craftsmanship of the Silver work that goes into making outstanding authentic Turquoise Jewelry for our customers.

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry is not cheap, Silver is now over 40.00 per ounce and authentic Turquoise has tripled in value in the past 18 months. The buyer of Turquoise Jewelry should beware if they are concerned that they are buying true authentic Turquoise Jewelry. Buy from reputable dealers such as Durango Silver Company and be informed that fake Turquoise and fake Turquoise Jewelry has infiltrated our marketplace.

Check out our presentation on Authentic Turquoise Jewelry now!

Turquoise Jewelry – Made in the USA

Monday, December 13th, 2010

American Made Turquoise JewelryTurquoise Jewelry – Made in the USA

Durango Silver Company is proud to be able to say that we gaurantee all of our Turquoise Jewelry is handcrafted in the USA.  Our authentic Turquoise Jewelryis produced right here in Durango, Colorado USA with real Turquoise and real Sterling Silver. We sell REAL TURQUOISE JEWELRY

Actually, this is a big thing now days as just about everything in every department store as well as online was made in China, India or some other forein country. It has actually become a real rarity to find anything made in the USA!

We are sorry to say there is fake Turquoise Jewelry, as well as many other types of Jewelry, being produced by companies in China and possibly elsewhere. We know for a fact China has been dying chalk blue, stabilizing it with resin and selling it for real Turquoise. Now, we have herd they are making Turquoise with Portland type cement (like in our sidewalks). All we can say to you is if it is cheap you had better be careful.

You can expect genuine quality and Real Turquoise Jewelry from our Company and we guarantee that 100%