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Authentic Sugilite Beads

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Authentic Sugilite Beads

Authentic Sugilite BeadsAuthentic Sugilite Beads – Sugilite is a beautiful Gemstone from South Africa that has come to the attention of gemstone collectors in the recent years. Unfortunately, crime and turmoil in Africa has halted the mining of Sugilite and this gemstone has become rare and expensive due to this fact. Authentic Sugilite Beads have become very scarce and expensive, Durango Silver Company has authentic Sugilite Beads and will be using them in our Jewelry today and in the years to come. We do not sell bulk Sugilite Beads as we do not have an abundance.

Durango Silver Companyhad the great fortune to purchase a large collection of Sugilite about 10 years ago and had saved the majority of what we purchased for our own gemstone collection to be used in our Jewelry in the years to come. We have great Sugilite and will be putting it into Jewelry and authentic Sugilite Beads now and into the future.

Authentic Sugilite Beads in Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has produced Silver Jewelry for nearly forty years, we make high quality Silver Jewelry and we often accompany our Sterling Silver Pendants with authentic Sugilite Beads as accents. Authentic Sugilite Beads are scarce and so we do not use full strands of them and if you see full strands of authentic Sugilite Beads you find them to be very expensive, simply because there are very few strands of these beads available today.

Quality Authentic Sugilite Beads

High quality authentic Sugilite Beads are valuable, in fact, I recently saw a 16″ strand of 6MM Gel Sugilite beads with 14ky Gold bead ends and clasps for sale by a reputable dealer for $6,500.00. I would value a 16″ strand of opaque bright purple authentic Sugilite Beads at $1500.00 per strand – retail.

Sugilite is a fairly hard gemstone, it is more difficult than most gemstones to get a great polish on. When you find authentic Sugilite Beads that have a super high polish they were probably hand cut and polished and could also be very valuable.

The bottom line is that Durango Silver Company has authentic natural Sugilite and we produce high quality Jewelry with it. We invite you to visit our online store to see what we currently have available and encourage you to come back often as we add new pieces frequently. If you like our Jewelry we invite you to join our Newsletter group, we give away free Jewelry and often Sugilite Jewelry. We put out our Newsletter about once every other month and before holidays with Jewelry specials for members only, check it out! Also check out Sugilite at Wikipedia, they do not have a category for authentic Sugilite Beads, however, they do have a pretty good description of Sugilite.

We hope you will take a look at Durango Silver Online for Authentic Sugilite Beads.