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Inlay Jewelry by Edison Yazzie

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Native American Handmade Inlay Jewelry

Edison Yazzie Inlay Jewelry
Dillon Hartman and Edison Yazzie in Durango, CO

Durango Silver Company is proud to carry American Indian handmade inlay jewelry by Edison Yazzie of New Mexico, USA.

American Indian Inlay Jewelry

Gemstone Inlay Jewelry is some of the most popular American Jewelry on the market today.  Inlay jewelry is made around the world, however it was made popular by Zuni Native American artists during the Route 66 days. In those days the inlay jewelry was mainly made in channels.  Some of the finer artisans would get into multi color inlay in one channel.  The Zuni artisans would use a classic color scheme of red coral, Turquoise, Mother or Pearl, and black Jet.  The would also make designs in different channels with only Turquoise, Coral or Black Jet Inlay Jewelry.  Every year their skills would increase and the Zuni would try to out do each other in the intricate patterns in their inlay jewelry.  As time went buy American Indian Inlay Jewelry became more and more popular and started to rival Navajo style silver jewelry in sales.  Once this happened Native Peoples from other tribes as well as anglo artisans start to make silver inlay jewelry.

Edison Yazzie Inlay Jewelry

Modern Native American Inlay Jewelry

Today wonderful sterling silver and gemstone inlay jewelry is made by artisans from all over the world.  This intricate style of gemstone jewelry is one of the most popular types of silver jewelry and gold jewelry on earth!  Today’s inlay jewelry is made in both gold and silver and uses almost every gemstone known to man.

Edison Yazzie is one of the inlay jewelry artists that is really keeping this gorgeous art form alive and well.  Edison Yazzie pushes the limits with his modern inlay jewelry and with the unique gemstone combinations he uses in he high end Native American Inlay Jewelry.  Edison loves to make intricate inlay patterns with vivid gemstones such as Turquoise, Spiny Oyster Shell, Gaspeite, Coral and Opal.  Edison also make beautiful earthtone inlay jewelry with Picture Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Black Jade and more.   Edison Yazzie is one of the best modern day Inlay Jewelry artists around. 

Check out Edison Yazzie’s Inlay Jewelry Now!

Native American Indian Jewelry

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Native American Indian Jewelry

Native American Indian Jewelry

Native American Indian Jewelry by Durango Silver Co

 Durango Silver Company has dealt in Native American Indian Jewelry for gererations here in the Southwestern United States. Our pride is handling high quality authentic Native American Indian Jewelry with authentic Turquoise as well as other gemstones.

We have just finished a very nice informational page dedicated to Native American Indian Jewelry – it has several photos along with descriptions educating you on the American Indian Jewelry that we handle. We invite you to take a look at our new informational presentation!

Quality Native American Indian Jewelry

 As we  have been Jewelers ourselves for over 40 years and we also mine, collect and cut our own Turquoise, we know what quality Native American Indian Jewelry is and you can count on us for that. There is a lot of so-so Indian Jewelry out there that is made to compete with China and other imposters and then there is high quality Native American Indian Jewelry that is handcrafted with 925 Silver and authentic Turquoise and Gemstones. Our company specializes on authentic quality Native American Indian Jewelry.

Native American Indian Jewelry with Turquoise

Turquoise is quickly becoming one of the rarest gemstones on earth due to mining restrictions and the cost of mining. Authentic quality Turquoise has increased in value over 300% in the last three years, production of Turquoise worldwide in down dramatically and the demand for Turquoise Jewelry of all types is up exponentially globally.

The proveyors of Durango Silver Company have been well known collectors as well as minors of authentic American Turquoise for well over 40 years and for generations in our family. We have one of the premier collections of natural American Turquoise in the world and work hard to offer our customers the finest quality Turquoise gemstones in the Native American Indian Jewelry that we have in our online store as well as our Silver Gallery located in Durango, Colorado USA.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on Native American Indian Jewelry and hope you will follow the link to our full informational presentation on Native American Indian Jewelry.

American Indian Necklaces

Friday, January 27th, 2012

American Indian Necklaces

American Indian Necklaces

American Indian Necklaces are a specialty at Durango Silver Company so we have made a great new informational page that we think you will appreciate, check it out now by following this link,  American Indian Necklaces. This is an informational page with photos and descriptions of American Indian Necklaces.

We have been in the  American Indian Jewelry business for nearly forty years now and American Indian Necklaces has been one of the staples of our business. Our specialty is American Indian Turquoise Necklaces as we have been mining and collecting high grade American Turquoise for over forty years and have massed one of the finest and largest collections of authentic natural American Turquoise in the world. Check out our American Indian Necklaces in our online store now!

Turquoise American Indian Necklaces

We began our business in the late 1960’s as Turquoise minors and collectors spending a lot of time in Arizona and Nevada collecting America’s best Turquoise. By the early 1970’s, we started having our Turquoise made into American Indian Necklaces as well as other American Indian Jewelry. At those days some of the famous old Turquoise Mines were still running such as the Bisbee Turquoise Mine, Morenci Turquoise Mine, Indian Mountain Turquoise Mine, Stormy Mountain Turquoise Mine, Lander Blue Turquoise Mine, Lone Mountain Turquoise Mine and the Blue Gem Turquoise Mine. We went around to all of these mining districts to find the best Turquoise available coming out of the mines. We lived in Albuquerque and had a small cutting shop where we brought our Turquoise back and cut it into Turquoise Cabochons. I remember getting a large parcel of Lander Blue Turquoise for $6.00 per carat, having it made into several American Indian Necklaces and thought we were doing great by selling a large American Indian Squash Blossom Necklace for $2500.00 – just the stones in that necklace would easily bring $50,000.00 today.

American Indian Necklaces – Investment

 I can tell you now with great certainty that quality American Indian Necklaces with high quality American Turquoise will do the same thing in the next 20 years. There has become a major shortage of Turquoise in the marketplace today, values of natural American Turquoise have tripled in the last two years and due to government mining restrictions, it is very unlikely turquoise mining will resume in America until it gets extremely valuable. Quality American Indian Necklaces as well as all other high quality American Indian Jewelry will escalate in value dramatically in the very short future!

Durango Silver Company deals in the highest quality American Indian Jewelry and we always have a good selection of quality American Indian Bracelets on hand.