Green Turquoise Cabochons

January 31st, 2015

Green Turquoise Cabochons

Green Turquoise Cabochons

Dillon Hartman has created a great informational page on Green Turquoise Cabochons that we think you will appreciate. This page has many great photos and a lot of factual information specifically on Green Turquoise Cabochons. American Green Turquoise is primarily found in Nevada, however, it is also found in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. It is generally harder than blue Turquoise and it most often displays a lot more character such as spiderweb matrix and variation in color.

Quality Green Turquoise Cabochons

High quality Green Turquoise Cabochons are not as common as Blue Turquoise Cabochons and high quality cabochons are a lot more valuable. Durango Silver Company specializes in Green Turquoise Cabochons as we have mined green Turquoise in Nevada for over forty years. You can see what we currently have available in Turquoise cabochons by going to our online Turquoise Cabochon category on

Rarity of Green Turquoise Cabochons from Nevada

Green Turquoise Cabochons from Nevada have become rare and are becoming very valuable as well. The rarity of Green Turquoise Cabochons from Nevada should be taken in consideration as you are building your Turquoise collection. In the mid 1980’s, Chinese Turquoise began being imported into the United States, the Chinese sold their Turquoise for so cheap it put the American Turquoise Miners out of business. The mines were blown up, shut down and have been abandoned for decades. Now, the Chinese are no longer exporting Turquoise, which, has caused a worldwide shortage of Turquoise and Nevada has lost well over 75% of their Green Turquoise Mines which is what Green Turquoise Cabochons are produced from.

Read more about the Turquoise Crisis as well as other great Turquoise Stories located on our Sitemap. Green Turquoise Cabochons are a great investment!


Turquoise Jewelry

January 18th, 2015


Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA has been Traders to the Navajo for well over forty years. We have stead true to our Navajo and Zuni Silversmiths to produce some of the finest Authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry made in the USA for the duration of our business. We have promoted the use of only authentic, natural Turquoise to our Native American friends and partners by mining, collecting and hand cutting America’s finest quality Turquoise available. The specialty of our company is to produce real Turquoise Jewelry that is handmade in the USA!

Authentic Quality Turquoise – in our Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

We have mined, collected and hand cut authentic, natural Turquoise for our silversmiths and for the Native American Indian Jewelers for over 40 years. We are very proud to be among the very few that puts natural Turquoise gemstones as the most important foundation of the Turquoise Jewelry that our company produces and has produced in the past decades of being in this business. Here is a video of John showing others how to cut authentic Turquoise, this should give you an idea that we are serious about authenticity! The above is natural Bisbee Turquoise that you will find in a lot of our Jewelry, we own one of the largest Bisbee Turquoise collections in the world.

Authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

This beautiful piece of Turquoise Jewelry was handmade by Navajo Native Artisan Vernon Begay. You can read more about this Bisbee Turquoise Pendant on its presentation page. John Hartman of Durango Silver Company hand cut these authentic, natural Bisbee Turquoise cabochons and then had Vernon create this beautiful Bisbee Turquoise Pendant which is now a valuable piece of Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry. We invite you to learn more about Bisbee Turquoise by following this link.

We hope you will visit Durango Silver Company when you are wanting to learn more about Authentic Turquoise Jewelry, handmade in the American Southwest. High quality investment and collectors grade Turquoise Jewelry is our specialty.




Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn

January 17th, 2015

Examples of collectors grade old Navajo Pawn Turquoise Jewelry

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn

Durango Silver Company has just put up a new section in our site located at Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn. We have closed our brick and mortar Indian Trading Post after four decades of business. We have a world of back stock and stuff we need to get rid of as we are selling the property. We have loads of old and authentic Turquoise Jewelry that we has in the vault, Jewelry case drawers and in the attic we need to get rid of to downsize. Our authentic Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn will become a great place for individual’s to find bargains on authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry like they have never seen before!

Native American Turquoise Jewelry – Dead Pawn

John Hartman has been buying, selling and collecting Native American Turquoise Jewelry РDead Pawn for well over 40 years. We have always had a case and wall of antique Indian Jewelry and Old Navajo Pawn for sale in out Trading Post for the duration we had been open to the public. John has always run around the American Southwest in search of old Indian Jewelry to resale, now he is going to broaden his area to bring great deals from our area to our web store located at You will be able to find true bargains on authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry that are not often available and you can be assured it is real as John Hartman is one of the leading authorities on Native American Turquoise Jewelry and Dead Pawn in the American Southwest РJohn does not buy or sell fakes! and never has!

A Bargain Barn of Authentic Native American Indian Jewelry

Durango Silver Company is developing and will maintain a bargain barn of authentic Native American Indian Jewelry, handmade in the American Southwest and 100% real/authentic! This will be the Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn like no other, there are not many honest old Indian Traders left as this area has been overrun by Johnny-come-latelies just in it for the $$$ and they will sell you anything and tell you anything to make their buck! Durango Silver Company has had a long reputation of honesty, integrity and knowledge of the Native American Turquoise Jewelry industry of the American Southwest and you will get this when you buy from Durango Silver Company.

Take a look at this page, An Indian Traders Dream Story Fort Defiance Trading Post, Arizona . this story goes way back and should give some creditability to John for you. We invite you to visit the new Durango Silver Company Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn, you will be glad you did! We will be producing old Traders Stories, Videos of John buying old Indian Jewelry collections and more – FUN!

The Turquoise Jewelry Bargain Barn – See Ya There!