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Inlay Dangle Earrings

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Inlay Dangle Earrings

Dillon Hartman of Durango Silver Company has created a great educational page on Inlay Dangle Earrings that we think you will really appreciate. There are many photo examples as well as a lot of information text, check out this educational page as it will help you realize this great jewelry coming out of Durango, Colorado.

Turquoise Dangle Earrings

John and Dillon Hartman have been mining and collecting high grade natural Turquoise for over 40 years. We use this fine quality Turquoise in our Inlay Dangle Earrings as well as the Turquoise Dangle Earrings we have made for us by Native American Artisans such as Stanley Manygoats.

Inlay Dangle Earrings by Durango Silver Company

We invite you to visit our presentation on a very special type of earring that is made right here in the American Southwest – Inlay Dangle Earrings! These fine designs are one of your American Heritages that are hand made in the USA.

Turquoise Gemstones

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Turquoise Gemstones

Turquoise Gemstones have been held sacred for thousands of years by ancient Kings, Pharaoh’s, Tribal leaders, Healers and Royalty worldwide. It was actually one of the first gemstones found by mankind over 7,000 years ago in Egypt, Turquoise found in ancient tombs have been carbon dated back to 5,500 B.C.. Dillon Hartman of Durango Silver Company has created a great informational page we are certain you will appreciate, it can be viewed by going to his Turquoise Gemstones page on – Check It Outq!

Turquoise Gemstones

Quality Turquoise Gemstones

Quality Turquoise Gemstones that are natural and authentic are difficult to come by! Our family has been mining, collecting and cutting high quality Turquoise for over forty years, we have found less than 10% of the Turquoise that we have cut has been of quality Turquoise Gemstone grade. In this informational page you will find many photos of some of the rare Turquoise Gemstones that we have cut in the past along with Dillon’s comments on each photo and the Turquoise Stones that are in it.

Quality Turquoise Gemstones is one of our specialties at Durango Silver Company. We began our Turquoise business by mining Turquoise in Nevada and Arizona USA, we mined with some of the most historic Turquoise Miners of the American Southwest. John Hartman had a Turquoise Gemstone cutting shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the early 1970’s, prior to moving to Durango. John and his staff cut thousands of carats of high-grade Turquoise such as Bisbee Turquoise, Morenci Turquoise, Blue Gem Turquoise, Number 8 Turquoise and other that he sold and traded to the Navajo Silversmiths as well as the Jewelry supply houses around New Mexico and Arizona. John continued cutting Turquoise in Durango, Colorado and still does today. The Hartman family has a great Turquoise rough collection that they have accumulated over that past 40 years.

Investment Grade Turquoise Gemstones

High-grade Turquoise and Turquoise Gemstones have escalated in value on a continuous bases throughout the years that Durango Silver Company has been in business, however, in the past two years they have increased in value over 100%. Buyers of investment grade Turquoise Gemstones will all tell you the same thing, High-grade Turquoise Gemstones are priceless as they are so very hard to find.

We invite you to view our Informational page on Turquoise Gemstones, we believe you will appreciate this presentation and find it to have a lot of valuable information on Investment Quality Turquoise Gemstones. We also think this information will help you understand this gemstone is an American heritage that is valuable and may be a good investment for you.

Castle Dome Turquoise

Friday, March 27th, 2015


Castle Dome Turquoise

Castle Dome Turquoise

Castle Dome Turquoise  is one of the America’s Turquoise classics from the days of the past. The light sky Arizona blue Turquoise from the Castle Dome mine, located in  Arizona,  was widely used in Turquoise Jewelry by Native American Jewelry artisans in the mid 1900 period. Between the 1940’s and 1980’s the mine supplied much of the Turquoise used in Zuni Jewelry and Navajo Jewelry. You will find a major share of old pawn jewelry, especially in the cluster, Zuni needle point jewelry, and Zuni petite point jewelry to have Castle Dome Turquoise Cabochons. Castle Dome was widely used as the mine was a high producer in its time.

Arizona Blue – Castle Dome Turquoise

Castle Dome (1943) and Pinto Valley (1972) are located five to eight miles west of Miami in Gila County, along the south slopes of the Porphyry Mountains. Large quantities of copper and Turquoise have been produced from these areas. This Mine produced about 75% chalk grade Turquoise that was stabilized by the Hardy Company of Globe Arizona and about 25% that was quality cutting grade that was used in the American Turquoise Jewelry Industry.  The Castle Dome Turquoise Mine was in its height of production in 1960 and used in the typical Turquoise cluster Bracelets, Rings, Squash Blossom Necklaces and Earrings you will find from that time period.

Castle Dome Turquoise  – An American Heritage

Castle Dome Turquoise played an important part in the history of Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry of the American Southwest in the mid 20th century. It is of an Arizona true blue coloration and it is an important Turquoise from the American Southwest. Dillon Hartman of Durango Silver Company has created a great informational page on this historic American Treasure at Castle Dome Turquoise – Check it out!

As well as Castle Dome Turquoise – we invite you to check out the different types of Arizona Turquoise!