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Turquoise Beads for 2011

Friday, December 31st, 2010
Durango Silver - Turquoise Beads 2011

Natural Turquoise Beads for 2011 - for Health, Happiness and Good Fortune

Natural, Authentic and Real Turquoise Beads will be a major focus of Durango Silver Company for 2011. We will dig deep though our extensive collection and seek out additional collections of Turquoise Beads to offer to our customers this year. We have had good luck and fortune brought to us from our hard work promoting natural Turquoise and the authenticity of the pieces that we sell.

We have been studying the historic past of  Turquoise and its importance in world history. Turquoisewas one of the very first gemstones found my man over 7,500 years ago. Healers and Spiritual leaders immediately claimed Turquoise to be the skystone sent to earth from the heavens above. Every culture since has historically prophesied the same.

Turquoise is an important stone from the past and it is still as important today as ever. Although Turquoise is very popular in the fashion industry, it is equally important as a spiritual gemstone to many cultures worldwide – this is where our interests lie with our family as well as our company. Turquoise has been secred to our family for generations and we respect it for its natural qualities and spiritual values. Durango Silver Company will continue down its path dealing in the finest natural quality Turquoise in Jewelry for 2011 and into the future, we hope you will follow us!

High Grade Natural Turquoise Beads will be one of our focuses into the future as well. We will be seeking fine quality old as well as new to ad to our collection and will offer our followers some awesome Turquoise Beadsthat will become spiritual pieces. Look to Durango Silver Company for some awesome Turquoise Beads in Jewelry.

Turquoise Jewelry, Turquoise Beads in Jewelry, Natural Turquoise Beads, Authentic Turquoise Jewelry and Turquoise Bead Jewelry is what Durango Silver Company is known for worldwide. Join our Newsletter and follow us on a fascinating journey into the future. Win free Turquoise Jewelry in our monthly give away to our Newsletter subscribers.

Sugilite Jewelry

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Sugilite Jewelry

Southwestern Styled Handcrafted Sugilite Jewelry by Durango Silver CompanySugilite Jewelry by Durango Silver Company is spectacular Jewelry that is colorful and highly collectible. Sugilite comes from South Africa and was mined for many years until recently when crime and political unrest has overtaken Africa. Sugilite can no longer be mined and has now become a rare gemstone that is both a spiritual gemstone to healers and treasure to Sterling Silver Jewelry collectors.

Sugilite Jewelry

We make very beautiful Sugilite Jewelry in Sterling Silver as well as Gold, all is one of a kind as each Sugilite stone is unique and each piece of Sugilite Jewelry made by our company is handcrafted.

More Sugilite Jewelry Information

We have just created a presentation page on Sugilite Jewelry that you may want to visit. It has a lot of great photos, text and information on our Sugilite Jewelry.

Spiritual Turquoise

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
The Beauty of Turquoise - Brings Happiness and Comfort to the Mind

Turquoise Brings Warmth and Happiness to the Mind - Turquoise Is Spiritual

Turquoise has been known to man, worldwide for over 7,000 years, to have healing powers.  Turquoise is a Spiritual Gemstone!

Some of the most spiritual and important influential areas on earth such as Egypt, Tibet, Persia and Southwestern United States have coveted Turquoise as having powers on the human mind that are calming and make a human comfortable within.