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Royston Turquoise Mining Video

Friday, March 25th, 2011
Mining at the Roystone Turquoise Mine Video
Come Mine Turquoise at the Royston Turquoise Mine – Video Tour

Dillon and Nattarika Hartman of Durango Silver have made a great video short on mining at the Royston Turquoise Mine. Dillon goes over the original video that we put together with the Travel Channel and the Otteson’s (mine owners) for the “Where to find Cash and Treasures program.”

This is an enjoyable video if you are interested  in Turquoise, this presentaton page also gives you instructions of how you can actually mine yourself and get your own Royston Turquoise at the mine with the Otteson’s. For a small fee you can mine Turquoise with the Otteson’s and collect your own Royston Turquoise that is very valuable – don’t forget to video yourself mining Turquoise and we would love to put your footage up along with ours!
This Royston Turquoise Mining Presentation page has great educational information as well, we have photos of Royston Turquoise and  Royston Turquoise Jewelry with text descriptions of what you see in the photos.
For additional information see our Royston Turquoise Jewelry page as well as our Royston Turquoise Website.
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Under Turquoise Skies – Ralph Lauren

Sunday, March 6th, 2011
Ralph Lauren - Under Turquoise Skies
Ralph Lauren – Under Turquoise Skies

These outfits offer the highest quality turquoise specimens and a certificate of authenticity upon purchase.

Durango Silver Company was chosen by the Ralph Lauren Company to be amount the most trusted dealers in Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry from the American Southwest. you can read the story on the “Under Turquoise Skies” presentation on  the Ralph Lauren Website.

We appreciate the seal of confidence in our company and we have worked very hard to accomplish this acknowledgement from the Ralph Lauren Company. Our family has been Traders to the Navajos as well as the other Tribal Groups in the Southwestern USA for over forty years and we have been and will continue to be faithful to the Native American Indians as well as the Turquoise Jewelry business that we so love.

Thank you very much to the Ralph Lauren Group and we wish you the best as well!

John Hartman (founder)
Durango Silver Company
Durango, Colorado USA

Vintage Turquoise Earrings

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
Antique Turquoise Earrings

Vintage Turquoise Earrings

Durango Silver Company has just completed a new informational page on Vintage Turquoise Earrings. This page has photos and text describing the photos about vintage Turquoise earrings.

Vintage Turquoise Earrings are collectible and were made from 1911 to 1960, Antique Turquoise Earrings were made from 1910 and earlier. The designs were much different in the vintage and antique periods then they are now and if you know what to look for, vintage Turquoise earrings are a great type of Turquoise Jewelry to collect.

Native Americans made Antique and Vintage Turquoise Earrings which is considered Vintage Indian Jewelry and old Turquoise Earrings were also made by other cultures globally in the past.

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