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Wedding Ring Silver Bands

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Wedding Ring Silver Bands

Wedding Ring Silver Bands

Durango Silver Company has been producing custom Wedding Ring Silver Bands for decades. We are now developing a great line of  Wedding Ring Silver Bands that we will stock for our customers to purchase for immediate shipment. Our Wedding Ring Silver Bands will be quite unusual as our Silver Jewelry has a Southwestern accent.

We have created a new informational page on Wedding Ring Silver Bands, we invite you to check it out!

Wedding Ring Silver Bands by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing quality Silver Jewelry for nearly 40 years. In the past we made Wedding Ring Silver Bands by special order only, we are currently developing a new line of Silver Wedding Bands with and without Turquoise and other gemstones. Our style is quite unique as our company resides in the heart of the Southwest and our Silver Jewelry is influenced by the Native designs of the Southwest that our company has been a part of producing for generations.

Look for special and unique quality Wedding Ring Silver Bands that you just cannot find on the open market. Our Silver Jewelry as well as our Wedding Ring Silver Bands are inherantly more substancial then machine made Silver Ring Bands that are made for a highly competitive market.

Quality Wedding Ring Silver Bands

When you are considering  Wedding Ring Silver Bands for a very special occasion, the token of your love to each other, take your time and chose wisely! The best Wedding Ring Silver Bands are very resonably priced so you can get the best, we invite you to look at what we have to offer and also invite you to consult with us in an effort to help you find the perfect Wedding Ring Silver Band.

Durango Silver Company produces high quality Wedding Ring Silver Bands, take a look.

Silver Bands

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Silver Bands

 Silver Bands

 Durango Silver Company has been producing unique handcrafted Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Bands for several decades and generations. We have many different styles and types of Silver Bands and in many different price ranges – we have a Silver Band for nearly every need.

We are in the process of developing a great new informational website specifically on Ring Bands – We invite you to visit our new site that will serve all your needs regarding Silver Bands.

Silver Bands for the new age

Sterling Silver is a great precious metal for Jewelry and it is a wonderful medium for all types of Silver Ring Bands! Durango Silver Company produces and handles a wide variety of Silver Bands, Silver Ring Bands, Silver Wedding Bands and so on. We have Silver Bands with Gemstones as well as Bands with no stones at all. We invite you to browse our online store to check out the different Silver Bands we presently have in stock and we encourage you to come back often as we are creating new Silver Ring Bands on a daily basis which are put online.

Quality Silver Bands

Durango Silver Company produces high Silver Bands that are unlike others on the market. Our Silver Jewelry is not like the typical production Jewelry that is being mass produced for the fashion market, we take great pride in creating quality works of art that has a substantial amount of Sterling Silver which makes our Silver Jewelry as well as our Silver Bands built to last!

We invite you to view our presentations and follow us as we create our informational pages on Silver Bands.

Silver Ring Bands

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Silver Ring Bands

Silver Ring BandsDurango Silver Company has began its research and development on a new line of Silver Ring Bands. We have started our online marketing, we are creating our master Silver Ring Band patterns and we are developing a long term strategies and business plan. Silver Ring Bands are not a new thing to our company as we have been creating Silver Ring Bands for almost 40 years, we are developing a new line of Silver Ring Bands of buyers due to the dramatic increases in precious metals, Gold as well as Silver.

We have created a new Website located at which is part of our marketing strategy. We have also created a landing page located on the Durango Silver Website at and will tie this all together with multiple informational web pages that will completely inform interested individuals about Silver Ring Bands. In addition, as we have informed our followers, we are going to share our methods of building an online business that can be repeated for their own success.

Marketing Silver Ring Bands

 As you can see in the two Silver Ring Band pages, mentioned above along with they’re web addresses, we are creating what is called “Landing Pages” that target each “Key Phrase” we are wanting to be listed under in Google as well as all of the other Search Engines, Worldwide. We started our research to find the “Silver Ring Band” key phrase on Google on Google Adwords, we typed in “Silver Band Rings” as our query and this tool showed us how much traffic this key phrase gets per month along with other keywords  associated to Silver Ring Bands.

We now build multiple informative informational pages on Silver Ring Bands that truely help our customers learn factual information on this product that we are marketing. It is important to create legitimate web pages that are of good value for the Internet as well as potential customers that are interested in the product that we are marketing. As we build these pages, we link them together so our clients, as well as the Search Engines, can find associated information that is directly related to Silver Ring Bands.

Producing Silver Ring Bands for the marketplace

As we are serious about our business and the future of our business, we will consciously and studiously create our line of Silver Ring Bands. As we create each Silver Ring Band masterpiece, we will conduct proper business meetings and discussion groups to analize whether or not the design will become part of our Silver Ring Band product line. Once we decide on a particular Silver Ring Band, we must create Silver Ring Bands, that are identical, in all sizes, which will ultimately be offered for sale by our company.

We hope this informational web page on Silver Ring Bands has been educational and worthwhile for you to read.