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Inlay Jewelry

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Inlay Jewelry

Inlay JewelryDurango Silver Company has just completed an informational presentation on Inlay Jewelry, we invite you to view this great page on American Inlay Jewelry which includes many photo examples along with text and links to additional information on Inlay Jewelry.

American Inlay Jewelry has become extremely popular in the last 20 years as it is attractive and comfortable Jewelry to wear. Inlay Jewelry can also be very artistic such as the Inlay Ring in the picture to the right. This Inlay Ring was made by Native American Artisan, Jesse Monongye. This Inlay Ring has many Coral, Lapis, Turquoise and other that were maticulisly hand cut and Inlayed into this channel Ring setting that was created to house this fabulous inlay work. This is a very valuable Inlaid Ring by a celebrated master Jeweler, Jesse Monongye.

American Inlay Jewelry

american inlay jewelryDurango Silver Company produces and handles American Inlay Jewelry made by Native American Indians as well as contemporary American Artisans from Southwestern USA. American Inlay Jewelry is artistic, sleek and easy to wear as it is most often streamline and very comfortable when worn.

The Inlay Ring to the right was produced by Durango Silver Company. John Hartman created the master Mens Saddle Ring pattern and Dillon Hartman Inlayed this 14ky Gold Ring with Bisbee Turquoise from Arizona. This Gold Inlay Ring will be very comfortable and attractive to wear and is built to last for generations into the future.

Native American Inlay Jewelry

native american inlay jewelryNative American Inlay Jewelry was originated by the Zuni Indians of the Southwestern USA. The Zuni began making inlay Jewelry shorly after 1900 A.D. Many Zuni Artisans prefected inlay Jewelry throughout the years as it became popular and a large demand grew for this great Jewelry form.

The Navajo Indian Jewelers began making Native American Inlay Jewelry in the 1950’s and have now become very prolific at it. The Inlay Bracelet to the right is was made by Native American artist Phil Loretto. Phil inlaid this beautiful Sterling Silver Bracelet with lime green Carico Lake Turquoise from Nevada.

Inlay Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has produced and handled Inlay Jewelry for over 40 years. We are very particular in our purchasing as well as the Inlay Jewelry we make. We feel, we handle some of the best American made Inlay Jewelry coming out of the Southwest today. We pride ourselves in handling American handmade Inlayed Jewelry – Quality made in the USA!

Also, take a look at our  Turquoise Inlay Jewelry informational page.

We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company when shopping for your next piece of Inlay Jewelry.

One of a Kind Jewelry

Friday, August 26th, 2011

One of a Kind Jewelry

Non One of a kind jewelry

Production Zuni Turquoise Inlay Earrings

The most valuable of all jewelry is one of a kind jewelry.  There are many different types of one of a kind jewelry.  There is one of a kind gold jewelry, one of a kind silver jewelry, one of a kind bead jewelry, and many many more varieties of one of a kind jewelry.  One thing all of one of a kind jewelry has in common is that it is handmade.  In today’s age it is very difficult to find anything handmade from any local in the world.  Most of the products people purchase these days is mass produced or manufactured for the masses, meaning there hundreds, thousands or millions of the same exact product, which is definately not one of a kind. This is also true with jewelry, most of the jewelry on the market today is not one of a kind jewelry but rather mass produced jewelry.  Some of this non one of a kind jewelry such as the gorgeous Zuni Turquoise Inlay Earrings to the right is very highend quality jewelry, other pieces of manufactured or non one of a kind jewelry is low grade and purely made to offer the current fashion at the lowest price. 

One of a Kind Jewelry with Gemstones

one of a kind jewelry

One of a kind Turquoise and Sugilite Bracelet

One of the best avenues to find one of a kind jewelry is when shopping for unique gemstones. In general when artisans are making jewelry, silver jewelry or gold jewelry, with high end gemstones they will make this jewelry as one of a kind jewelry.  Most jewelers and artisans consider handmade one of a kind jewelry to be the best place for high end gemstones such as rare American Turquoise, Opal, Coral, etc. All jewelers consider handmade one of a kind jewelry to be the most valuable and collectible jewelry.  The easiest way to find handmade one of a kind jewelry is to shop at galleries that carry local artisans, famous artisans or make their own jewelry, you can also shop online from the company or artist’s personal website such as  When you are shopping in the right places it will be easy to find one of a kind jewelry with highend gemstones, not to mention YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR when shopping with the artisan or craftsmen.  You will find the highest grade of gemstones in one of kind jewelry made in America!

One of a Kind Jewelry Around The World

Beautiful one of a kind jewelry is made around the world.  Some of the highest grade gemstones and highest quality one of a kind jewelry is made in America. To jewelry collectors, especially those that collect highend silver jewelry or Southwestern jewelry, they rely on American artist to provided them with a selection of quality one of a kind jewelry to choose from.  Having said this, there are wonderful craftsmen and artists that make top grade one of a kind jewelry in every country around the world!  Some of the countries that are best known for one of a kind jewelry are; America, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, and a few others.

Thank you for reading this article about One of a Kind Jewelry.

Turquoise Belt Buckles Video

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Turquoise Belt BucklesTurqoise Belt Buckle

Durango Silver Company has just put up a new presentation page on Turquoise Belt Buckles.

John Hartman of Durango Silver Co goes through the many different aspects of Turquoise Belt Buckles made in the Southwest. John goes over the different styles and types of Turquoise Belt Buckles include Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and contemporary Artisan made Sterling Silver Belt Buckles.

We invite you to see this Turquoise Belt Buckle Video here. Also we invite you to visit our presentation page on Carico Lake Turquoise Jewelry.