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American Indian Jewelry

Monday, January 16th, 2012

American Indian Jewelry

 American Indian JewelryDurango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA has specialized in quality American Indian Jewelry for nearly 40 years – quality authentic Native American Indian Jewelry is our specialty and our company produces some of the finest quality American Indian Jewelry coming out of the Southwest today.

We have just created a great informational presentation page on American Indian Jewelry that is well worth your time in reading – We invite you to check it out by following the link.

Quality American Indian Jewelry

There is a giant difference between Indian Jewelry and quality American Indian Jewelry. The majority of manufacturers that produce typical Indian Jewelry including Indian Jewelry from India, Korea, Phillipines, China, Indonesia and the United States typically produce competitively priced Indian Jewelry for as cheap as possible to compete in a qlobal marketplace. Southwestern styled Indian Jewelry is popular in many areas of the world and pure junk Jewelry is made to fill that market. Much of it is not even Sterling Silver and is made with fake Turquoise.

Durango Silver Company Produces Quality Authentic American Indian Jewelery – We use only the finest quality authentic Turquoise and Sterling Silver to produce some of the best Native American Indian Jewelry coming out of the Southwestern Region of the United States of America. We are very proud to be able to say our Silver Jewelry Made in the USA!

American Indian Jewelry with Turquoise

John and Dillon Hartman are avid collectors of Turquoise and it is of the greatest importance to us that our clients have the oppertunity to own true quality authentic Turquoise in their American Indian Jewelry. American Indian Jewelry with Turquoise from Durango Silver Company is among the best available in the world. We collect, mine and cut most of the Turquoise that is used in the Jewelry produced by our company.

If you are interested in authentic quality American Indian Jewelry, we hope you will visit often to see the unique quality Native American Indian Jewelry that we put up on our site daily.

American Native Indian Jewelry

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

American Native Indian Jewelry

American Native Indian Jewelry

We have dealt in American Native Indian Jewelry for nearly 40 years, we work hard to bring our customers the best from the Southwest! We love what we do! We have collected authentic American Turquoise for well over 40 years which led us into the American Native Indian Jewelry business nearly 40 years ago. We currently have accrued one of the worlds finest Natural Turquoise Collections, we cut gemstones from our collection, make and have them made into exceptional Silver Jewelry for our very special customers.

We have just created a new informational presentation on American Native Indian Jewelry and we cordially invite you to view that great page. There is a lot of great information and photos with descriptive text you will enjoy.

Quality American Native Indian Jewelry

As in everything in life, there is American Native Indian Jewelry and then there is quality American Native Indian Jewelry! Native American Indian Jewelry began in approximately 1875 and has had a great ride as it was immediately accepted by the Navajo People when Atsidi Sani made his first piece. By 1880, Anglo Indian Traders moved into the Southwestern regions, built Indian Trading Posts and Native American Indian Jewelry began to be exploited to Southern California and beyond. Millions and millions of pieces of Indian Jewelry have been made since, a lot of it has been quality American Native Indian Jewelry and a lot has been junk Jewelry made cheap as possible to sell as much as possible.

Durango Silver Company has always dealt in the best Native American Indian Jewelry with exceptional quality Turquoise Gemstones. We love producing wonderful Silver Jewelry pieces and our pride is knowing that our customers love their very special American Native Indian Jewelry from our company. 

American Native Indian Jewelry

Silver Jewelry and American Native Indian Jewelry is our specialty and our niche in the marketplace. We focus all of our attention on providing the best American Native Indian Jewelry to our customers and we also focus on paying attention to the wants and needs of our customers. We hope you will follow us by join our Newsletter Group, in doing so you will receive just a few email letters from us per year with super deals to our members and you will be entered into our monthly Silver Jewelry GiveawayJoin Now!

We hope you will consider checking out Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering American Native Indian Jewelry.

Native Indian Jewelry

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Native Indian Jewelry

Native Indian JewelryNative Indian Jewelry has been our specialty before we opened our Silver Jewelry Gallery in Durango, Colorado USA in 1976. We were dealers in Native Indian Jewelry for about 5 years before we built our Trading Post, Silver Jewelry Gallery and Native Indian Jewelry Gallery.

We have just finished a great informational page specifically on Native Indian Jewelry and cordially invite you to visit our new page where you will find a lot of good information as well as photos related to this subject.

The photo to the left is a great Native Indian Bracelet by Larry Loretto, Larry is a Zuni Indian Silversmith and Lapidarist that produces wonderful Native Indian Jewelry – see more information on this Zuni Inlay Turquoise Bracelet and Larry Loretto.

Quality Native Indian Jewelry

Quality Native Indian Jewelry

To the left is a beautiful Silver Pendant handcrafted by Edison Yazzie. This is considered an Inlaid Silver Pendant. It is profusely inlaid with Spiny Oyster Shell, Black Jade and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. We recommend you take a look at Edison’s work by Typing in “Edison Yazzie” in our search box on He is a great artist and well worth investing in – we highly recommend Edison if you like Native American Indian Jewelry.

Durango Silver Company handles many types of gemstone inlaid Silver Jewelry, we invite you to browse our site now by following the links to the left of this blog.

Native Indian Jewelry

Native Indian Jewelry InlayDurango Silver Company handles many types of Native Indian Jewelry such as this beautiful Mens Silver Ring on the right which was made by Native Artisan Julius Burbank. This Inlay Lone Mountain Turquoise Ring is beautifully constructed and is a very nice piece of Native Indian Jewelry that you are certain to appreciate.

We also have a very large inventory of other types of Native Indian Jewelry you are certain to appreciate. We carry Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Native American Indian Jewelry of the highest quality with authentic Turquoise.

We invite you to browse our online store and we also invite you to browse through our other informational pages which can be accessed in our Learning Center. We hope you will think of Durango Silver when you are considering Native Indian Jewelry in the future.