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American Indian Earrings

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

American Indian Earrings

American Indian Earrings

American Indian Earrings from the American Southwest have been dear to many hearts of individuals traveling to and through the Southwestern regions of the United States. We have just completed a great new informational page that you may learn a lot of good informative information about American Indian Earrings, we invite you to check it out!

View our American Indian Earrings page now by following this link. There you will find photos of American Indian Earrings along with descripitions of the Earrings in the photos. There are also links to many of the Earrings presentation pages that you can click on to find out addional information on a particular type or style of Earring.

Quality American Indian Earrings

Durango Silver Company handles quality American Indian Earrings that are made by Native American Indians with Sterling Silver and authentic Turquoise as well as other natural gemstones. We do not handle costume or fake American Indian Jewelry of any type, just substancial quality American Indian Jewelry.

We have and produce many different styles and types of Silver Earrings at Durango Silver Company and we have dealt in quality American Indian Earrings for nearly 40 years. Our specialty is authentic Turquoise and we have great knowledge on this topic. We have collected and mined American Turquoise for over 40 years and have one of the largest authentic quality Turquoise collections in the world.

We are stonecutters and Turquoise is our gemstone of choice to cut. We have Native American Indian Jewelers set our Turquoise in their handmade Sterling Silver Earrings made specifically for our company to market to our customers. We invite you to check out our Earring section on by following this link – check it out!

American Indian Earrings

Durango Silver Company is a Trusted American Indian Jewelry distributor commonly known as American Indian Traders. We have had great ongoing associations with Native American Indian Jewelers for the duration of the time that we have been in business here in Durango, Colorado USA. If you are interested in authentic American Indian Jewelry and American Indian Earrings, check us out!

We hope you will check out all of our presentations on Silver Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, American Indian Jewelry and more that can be found in our Learning Center. You will also find more information about American Indian Earrings there as well.

American Indian Bracelets

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

American Indian Bracelets

American Indian BraceletsDurango Silver Company has been in business here in Durango, Colorado USA for almost 40 years now and one of our specialties has been American Indian Bracelets. We have dealt primarily in Navajo and Zuni Indian Bracelets, however, we buy Silver and Turquoise Bracelets from contemporary artists as well as make them here at our facility in Durango, Colorado USA.

We have collected Turquoise for over 40 years and we have mined Turquoise in Nevada for the same amount of time as well. We have one of the finest collections of natural authentic American Turquoise in the world and are leading authorities on this subject. We cut Turquoise into gemstones and put the best of the best into the American Indian Bracelets that we produce and have produces. Our company is known throughout the world for having the best Turquoise American Indian Jewelry from the American Southwest.

We invite you to view our American Indian Turquoise Braelets now!

Quality American Indian Bracelets

 There is a giant difference between a piece of Indian Jewelry one of the quality American Indian Bracelets from our company. Typical production American Indian Jewelry is made to compete in the fashion mainstream marketplace, frankly it is cheap junk jewelry made with cheap materials, including plastic or fake Turquoise and often Nickle Silver. This is fine for individuals that are looking for a fashion look and have no concern of value. Durango Silver Company does not and will never produce this this type of Jewelry! We handle and produce quality American Indian Jewelry and American Indian Bracelets that have real value today and will become very valuable as time goes on. Our American Indian Bracelets are made with genuine Sterling Silver and Authentic Quality Turquoise. All of the materials in our American Indian Bracelets are top shelf and the craftsmens who make our Silver Jewelry are masters at their craft! Our American Indian Jewelry is more expensive then most and darn well worth it! 

Native American Indian Bracelets

Native American Indian Bracelets from Durango Silver Company are totally handmade American Indian Bracelets that are made in the USA. Generally, Native American Indian Bracelets are made in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado by Native American Indians, primarily Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indians. Today, many Native American Indians have moved away from their Reservations to outlying towns and cities, however, most do not mover far away as the Southwestern United States is a wonderful place to live.

American Indian Bracelets from Durango Silver Company are authentic American Indian Jewelry made in the USA and are an important American Heritage. We encourage you to look at our Native American Indian Bracelets and hope that you find a treasure for yourself, you will find it is your good luck piece as many, many people do!

We invite you to view our Authentic Quality American Indian Jewelry and thank you for reading our blog!

American Indian Rings

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

American Indian Rings

American Indian Rings

Durango Silver Company has been in the American Indian Jewelry business for nearly forty years now and American Indian Rings have been a staple of our company which has led us to specialize in quality American Indian Rings.

We have just completed a great new informational presentation on American Indian Rings that we think you will appreciate. This page has many photos along with descriptions of what you are looking at on the photos which will give you some constructive information when considering your next American Indian Ring.

Quality American Indian Rings

As there are a lot of American Indian Rings being made in the Southwest on a daily basis, we chose to produce and deal in quality American Indian Rings with high grade authentic Turquoise and genuine Sterling Silver. Unique designs incorporated by exceptional quality of construction are the utmost importance to us and with all of the above in mind, Durango Silver Company produces some of the finest quality American Indian Rings coming out of the Southwestern region of the United States today.

Turquoise American Indian Rings

The American Indian Ring that you see in the photo above is unique as it has a Carico Lake Turquoise gemstone set in a 14ky Gold setting handmade by a Native American Navajo Indian. This is a quality piece of American Indian Jewelry that is an American Heritage and will become more and more valuable as time goes on. There is no doubt this is the type of heirloom that should be handed down in your family for generations as it is a true piece of American Artistic History from the great American Frontier.

Durango Silver Company has a large selection of American Indian Rings and invite you to view our Online Silver Gallery to check out what we currently have in stock. As American Indian Rings are our specialty, we invite you to come back often to see what we have added to our collection as we add new American Indian Rings daily.