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Western Silver Jewelry

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Western Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver CompanyWestern Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing high quality Western Silver Jewelry for nearly 40 years now. We started our company in Albuquerque, New Mexico and then moved to Durango, Colorado in 1974. We built our Trading Post in 1976 and have been doing business in the same location since that date. We have produced Western Silver Jewelry on site and we have also dealth directly with Navajo and Zuni Artisans to produce our designs offsite. We also carry quality Navajo and Zuni Silver Indian Jewelry and continuously work with Native American Jewelers to produce new and exciting pieces for our customers.

John and Estell Hartman were Jewelers and designed Jewelry for their Trading Post as well as many other companies such as the Fred Harvey Company, the May Company, ColdWater Creek, the Sundance Catalog, and many others. We have paid close attention to producing high quality Western Silver Jewelry that is unique and not produced by others. We have also focused on promoting and selling our Western Silver Jewelry by our own means to keep our sales situation unique for our customers, our customers get unique Western Silver Jewelry from our company that they cannot find elsewhere.

Durango Silver Company Trading Post This is a photo of our Trading Post which is located just west of Durango, Colorado USA on Hwy 160. This is the Hwy that runs east and west from Durango to Mesa Verde National Park, it was named the Gateway to Mesa Verde many years ago. John built this building in 1975-76 and the Trading Post opened for business in the spring of 1976. We have specialize in Western Silver Jewelry since we opened and have had many great years in business. We had two children, Dillon and Crystal, Dillon married Nattarika and they work with John and Estell full time running the Trading Post and managing Crystal works at the Trading Post part time and creates Western Silver Jewelry full time.

We invite you to read more about us and hope you will come and visit us if you come to this area.

Tourism in Durango Colorado is booming!

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Tourism is booming in Durango ColoradoDurango Colorado is booming with Tourists!

Good News! Tourism in Durango Colorado has been very heavy and this is some good news for the grim news that we watch on TV day in and day out. Driving down main street at 7:pm last night, the town was bustling and there were actually people in lines waiting outside several of the restaurants.

The Durango Silver Company Trading Post has been busy and business has been steady on! The hwy between Durango and Mesa Verde National Park is loaded with Motor Homes and vehicles towing trailers which leads us to believe tourism is definately up in the four corners region this year.

Durango Colorado

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Durango Colorado in SpringDurango Colorado Springtime

Durango Colorado is green and beautiful this spring. We had an average snowfall this past winter and have had several spring showers already. Fortunately, we are lucky to have this great weather and our thoughts are with those who do not.

Mesa Verde National Park also looks great as everything is green and it looks like they have had plenty of moisture as well. The Durango and Silverton Train just celebrated the 40th anniversery of the Iron Horse Classic which is when bicycles race the Train to Silverton. They do this every Memorial Day weekend and there is a big festival to celebrate – what a blast it is!

Durango Silver Company which is just west of Durango on the Hwy towards Mesa Verde National Park is all spruced up for the summer tourist season and it is beautiful here. We have massive gardens of different types of perenials as well as annuals amunst evergreens, aspens and other beautiful greenery. In front of the Trading Post is an arch of over 3600 Deer Antlers that has become a monument to this area, it is all a site to see! If you are coming to this area make certain you stop in. Also, if you are coming to the Southwest, go to and sign into our newsletter where you will recieve our special document on everything we like to do in this area, food to eat, where to stay and much more! You also get a discount coupon good for 10% off anything in our Trading Post, including Old West Antiques and Antique Indian items. You will find this offer on bottom third of the home page at