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American Turquoise is Considered the Finest on Earth!

Looking at the piece above, it is easy to understand how that statement could be true. High quality American Turquoise is truly unique to the world as its colors are vivid and bold. Informed collectors worldwide are seeking Natural American Turquoise as an investment and the value has been skyrocketing in recent years.

Like most other gemstones, quality American Turquoise deposits are limited and must be diligently mined. Less than 5% of the Turquoise mined worldwide has the hardness and color to be cut and set into fine quality Jewelry. Governmental restrictions and the cost of mining in the U.S. have made the mining of Turquoise drop by over 90% since the 1970’s. The global awareness of Turquoise as being a beautiful and quality gemstone has become exponential and now people are discovering that Turquoise is more than just a gemstone.

Turquoise is one of the first gemstones known to man! Recorded knowledge shows that it was discovered prior to 5,500 B.C. in Egypt. For thousands of years it has been used metaphysically as well as adornment by Kings, Pharos, Royalty, Religious Leaders and Native Peoples in many regions of the world. Turquoise is an important gemstone with a marvelous history that merits a desire for all to be coveted.

In the 1970’s, Turquoise Jewelry became more popular than at any time in its history. Many factors took Turquoise into a new league of its own – worldwide! As a result, a demand for Turquoise grew exponentially and the Jewelry industry seeked out to find new resources to fill the demand, thus, came the advent of Chinese Turquoise and a new commercialized industry.

By the 1980’s, the demand for Turquoise had gone up and the supply had been diminishing. Traders went and found the old Turquoise dumps in china. These dumps were from the 1300 – 1600 A.D. period when they used it for carving statuary. In those days they used clear Turquoise with no matrix as it was considered inferior. To the Traders surprise, the dumps were full of what the American market desired the most – high quality deep blue spider webbed Turquoise. They purchased all (thousands of pounds) of the Turquoise and shipped it to America, it became a Spider Webbed Turquoise phenomenon! There were several years in the 1980’s that Southwest Jewelry was made with exceptional spider webbed Turquoise from China.

When the Traders went back for more, they found that the bulk of the Turquoise in the mines was nowhere near the quality as they had gotten from the dumps. Apparently, as the Turquoise was exposed to oxygen and atmospheric conditions it cured and hardened. Due to the Traders persistence, the silent giant (China) woke up that there was a market for Turquoise and they went after it. There has been a Turquoise rush in China for several years now, however, the quality has gotten worse as time has gone on.

Today, the Chinese are treating all of the natural Turquoise coming out of the ground with waxes and resins. They are getting so desperate that they are now making Turquoise by dying magnesite (chalk) in all shades of Turquoise – Tell us what you will buy and we will make it! Furthermore, they are now making pink Turquoise, green Turquoise, white Turquoise and what ever the market will buy.

There is a good market for costume Jewelry, and this is all the so called “Turquoise” coming out of China is good for. The biggest problem is that not many people can tell what is real and what is not from China, they will do anything to make money and that is the nature of Chinese business. So, it is your choice, are you looking for costume Jewelry or do you want the real thing?

The mass import of Chinese so called “Turquoise” hurt the American Turquoise minor as they flooded the market with it, thus, lowering the amount buyers would pay for real American Turquoise. In doing so, American minors decided to close down their mines and wait for the demand for natural high quality Turquoise to return.

In 2008, a new Turquoise revolution began! Several important Turquoise Jewelry dealers including Durango Silver Company of Durango Colorado brought this issue to the public. Awareness has been setting in and the value of natural high grade American Turquoise (real Turquoise) has gone up over 1000% in the past two years.

Fact; In the interim of the Chinese Turquoise episode, the minors have aged and moved on to find greener pastures and many of them have died! The U.S. has new mining laws that are much stricter and the cost to mine has went through the roof. Not many people are interested in fighting the government to start the mines back up. So, what is going to happen with “Real, Natural American Turquoise” is that it is going to become very valuable.

Today 2010, There are two Turquoise mines that are actively producing in the U.S., the Kingman Turquoise Mine and the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine. There are a hand full of weekend minors mining in Nevada, The Colorado Turquoise Mines are shut down and New Mexico Turquoise Mines may as well be shut down as they are not producing enough to be considered.

There is a fairly sizable group of old Traders that have collected natural American Turquoise from the past such as Durango Silver Company, however, they are fading fast and/or using up their stock piles as you are reading this.

It is certain, Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry will not go away, it has been here for over 7,500 years and it will continue. Again, it is your choice, if you want real Turquoise make certain that you get it – buy from reputable dealers that will guarantee they are telling you the truth!

We hope you look our Jewelry over real well. We are authorities on Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry and we guarantee it 100%. We mine it, cut it and make it!

I guess you better start doing this with everything you buy! We are in a new age!


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