Mens Band

Mens Band

Mens Band

We have just put up a new website on Mens Band and invite you to view a great informational page addressing many important things you may want to know when buying Men’s Ring Bands. There are many good  photos and a lot of great information pointing out the  between an Artisan created Mens Band and your typical production Mens Band Ring made for the masses. 

Artisan Created Mens Band Rings

Jewelry Artisans of the Southwestern regions of the USA are unique to the Jewelry world as we create a great style of Silver Jewelry, as well as Gold, that has been handed down to our culture from the Spaniards in 1865. The Silver Jewelry as well as Mens Bands that are made in this area are inherently different from most others that are mass produced somewhere in the world. We are proud to be Americans and we hang our flag high everyday here in Durango, Colorado USA. Our Mens Band Rings are made in the USA and they are hands on Artisan crafted.

Mens Band Rings by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been around for several decades now producing some of the finest Silver Jewelry coming out of the Southwest. We are now producing a nice line of Mens Band Rings that we think you might appreciate. We are making new designs almost every day,  putting them online and making them available to our customers. We are also buying quality Native American made Mens Band Rings and will have a great stock of them as well.

We invite you to visit to see whats new in Ring Bands from our company and we hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering a Mens Band.


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