Buffing a Mens Band

Buffing a Mens Band Ring

Buffing a Mens BandDillon said we should show our friends some reality! In this photo I am buffing a Mens Band getting it ready for Nattarika to take a photo and put it up online.

Polishing a Mens Band

In the photo you can see I am using a mandrel to hold the Mens Band as it gets very hot when buffing. I use a cutting compound for smoothing the Silver Ring out, I then clean it real good in an ultrasonic cleaner and then I use Zam polishing compound to get a high shine.

Finishes of our Mens Bands

We are going to have several finishes on our Mens Bands, high shine, satin and our Vintage look. We have a lot of individuals that love our Vintage look which has an antique black oxidation, we will have a finish chart up online for our Mens Band Rings soon and you can see what or finishes look like.


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