Silver Bands

Silver Bands

 Silver Bands

 Durango Silver Company has been producing unique handcrafted Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Bands for several decades and generations. We have many different styles and types of Silver Bands and in many different price ranges – we have a Silver Band for nearly every need.

We are in the process of developing a great new informational website specifically on Ring Bands – We invite you to visit our new site that will serve all your needs regarding Silver Bands.

Silver Bands for the new age

Sterling Silver is a great precious metal for Jewelry and it is a wonderful medium for all types of Silver Ring Bands! Durango Silver Company produces and handles a wide variety of Silver Bands, Silver Ring Bands, Silver Wedding Bands and so on. We have Silver Bands with Gemstones as well as Bands with no stones at all. We invite you to browse our online store to check out the different Silver Bands we presently have in stock and we encourage you to come back often as we are creating new Silver Ring Bands on a daily basis which are put online.

Quality Silver Bands

Durango Silver Company produces high Silver Bands that are unlike others on the market. Our Silver Jewelry is not like the typical production Jewelry that is being mass produced for the fashion market, we take great pride in creating quality works of art that has a substantial amount of Sterling Silver which makes our Silver Jewelry as well as our Silver Bands built to last!

We invite you to view our presentations and follow us as we create our informational pages on Silver Bands.


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