Ring Bands

Ring Bands

We have just written a new page on Band Rings that we hope you will read and Google 1+ us. As we informed you in our last blog, we are going to put out a line of Ring Bands and Wedding Ring Band sets. Please go to our Ring Bands page and check it out now! Click on the 1+ button to help us get up on the search engines for this Key Phrase! We have been doing a lot of research and development on this project, it will take some time to get it going well as we have to build our online presence by making these pages for Google and the Search Engines to acknowledge us under the Ring Bands keyphrase and we will have to create our product line.

Ring Bands

Developing a Ring Bands line

To the left is a master Ring Band pattern that John has created. Once we create a master pattern, we annylize if it is a good Ring Band style that we will want to make, will be marketable and will be economically feasible to make. Once we decide we want to go ahead with the design we must re-create this same pattern in all ring sizes from size 5 to size 13. Creating the exact Ring Band pattern in all sizes takes much more work than one would imagine as all of our patterns are hand crafted.

Once we have created master patterns for our Ring Bands, we take rubber moulds for each size so we can reproduce the Ring Bands. We then use a wax injection machine to fill the cavity in the mould with wax, we then use the lost wax process to duplacate the ring. I will soon make you a video as well as a step by step slide show of the whole process as I know you will enjoy and appreciate how this whole process works. Those who are following us on this project will also gain the understanding of how our Ring Band business was developed from the ground up, product and marketing!

Building a Ring Bands Market

Once we decided we were going into the Ring Bands market, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The first thing we had to understand is that we have to make unique designs that others do not make so we have unique Ring Bands that are not easy to find elsewhere and we have to be able to produce them so they are competitively priced.

Producing a good line of Ring Bands will take some time so we will start a marketing plan. The first thing we will do is build what we call landing pages on the Internet, one for each “Key Phrase” that people will type into the Search Engines to find “Ring Bands”. We have tools such as Google “Keyword Tool” to research which key phrases will be good for us and then we make highly relevant web pages for that one key phrase, one Landing Page for each key phrase! Once we put the pages up, it will take time for the Search Engines to place them in their Search Eingines and then when people type in that key phrase – we will come up in their search for that particular key phrase.

Those that follow us will end up with a good understanding of how a good business is built on the Internet as we will explain to you step by step how we built our Ring Bands business. Silver Ring Bands from Durango Silver Company will be different!


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