925 Silver Jewelry

925 Silver Jewelry

925 Silver Jewelry

925 Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Co

Durango Silver Co which is in the heart of Silver Jewelry country has been producing 925 Silver Jewelry for nearly forty years here in Durango, Colorado USA. All of our 925 Silver Jewelry is hand crafted by American Jewelers from this area of the Southwestern United States.

We have just created a new presentation on 925 Silver Jewelry that we think you will appreciate – we invite you to come and check it out. There are several photos along with descriptive text to help you get and understanding of the type of 925 Silver Jewelry that we produce and handle here at Durango Silver Company.

925 Silver Jewelry is Sterling Silver Jewelry which is Jewelry that is made with 92.5% fine Silver alloyed with 7.5% copper.  925 Silver Jewelry can also be made with 7.5% alloy other then copper as well such as Argentinian Silver. This 925 Silver is made without copper so it does not tarnish as easily as standard Sterling Silver. You can read more about Argentinian Silver by following this link.

925 Silver Jewelry qualities

Silver Jewelry made with 925 Silver has been a standard for several hundred years now. All 925 Silver Jewelry should be marked .925 or Sterling which means the same thing. Most 925 Silver Jewelry made in the USA will be marked “Sterling” and 925 Silver Jewelry that is made in most other regions of the world will be marked “.925″, either way both markings are the Sterling Silver hallmark that you want to look for when you are buying Sterling Silver Jewelry or even just wondering if your Silver Jewelry is made with 925 Silver.

925 Silver Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing 925 Silver Jewelry for nearly forty years now. We use 100% 925 Silver to make our Jewelry and we certify, with a money back guarantee, that the other Jewelry that we handle such as Native American Silver Jewelry and other Silver Jewelry from contemporary artists in also made from 100% 925 Sterling Silver. We produce and handle quality Silver Jewelry and we have no desire to cheapen our Jewelry by using any other type of imitation Silver.

You can be assured while shopping at Durango Silver Company you are buying Quality 925 Silver Jewelry – Gauranteed!


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