American Indian Jewelry

American Indian Jewelry

 American Indian JewelryDurango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA has specialized in quality American Indian Jewelry for nearly 40 years – quality authentic Native American Indian Jewelry is our specialty and our company produces some of the finest quality American Indian Jewelry coming out of the Southwest today.

We have just created a great informational presentation page on American Indian Jewelry that is well worth your time in reading – We invite you to check it out by following the link.

Quality American Indian Jewelry

There is a giant difference between Indian Jewelry and quality American Indian Jewelry. The majority of manufacturers that produce typical Indian Jewelry including Indian Jewelry from India, Korea, Phillipines, China, Indonesia and the United States typically produce competitively priced Indian Jewelry for as cheap as possible to compete in a qlobal marketplace. Southwestern styled Indian Jewelry is popular in many areas of the world and pure junk Jewelry is made to fill that market. Much of it is not even Sterling Silver and is made with fake Turquoise.

Durango Silver Company Produces Quality Authentic American Indian Jewelery – We use only the finest quality authentic Turquoise and Sterling Silver to produce some of the best Native American Indian Jewelry coming out of the Southwestern Region of the United States of America. We are very proud to be able to say our Silver Jewelry Made in the USA!

American Indian Jewelry with Turquoise

John and Dillon Hartman are avid collectors of Turquoise and it is of the greatest importance to us that our clients have the oppertunity to own true quality authentic Turquoise in their American Indian Jewelry. American Indian Jewelry with Turquoise from Durango Silver Company is among the best available in the world. We collect, mine and cut most of the Turquoise that is used in the Jewelry produced by our company.

If you are interested in authentic quality American Indian Jewelry, we hope you will visit often to see the unique quality Native American Indian Jewelry that we put up on our site daily.



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