Antique Indian Silver Jewelry

Antique Indian Silver Jewelry

Antique Indian Silver JewelryWe have been in business here in Durango, Colorado for nearly 40 years, we began dealing in Antique Indian Silver Jewelry prior to starting Durango Silver Company. We have just completed a great presentation page on Antique Indian Silver Jewelry that we think you will enjoy if you are interested in Antique Indian items.

We invite you to view our presentation on Antique Silver Jewelry by clicking on this link!

To the right is an Antique Indian Silver Concho Belt made approximately 1920. This unique piece of Antique Indian Silver Jewelry can be seen and purchased at our Online Jewelry Gallery.

Antique Indian Silver Jewelry – Fort Defiance Collection

One of the great Antique Indian Silver Jewelry collections we were fortunate in landing was the Fort Defiance Trading Post collection. One fall day in 1982, I was sitting by the fireplace in my Trading Post when Francis Griswold walked in, what a historic day for me! That day led into me purchasing the largest Antique Indian Silver Jewelry in the history of the Southwest. I ultimately purchased over 3000 antique Rings, 800 Bracelets and a load of other Antique Indian Jewelry that had been in the Fort Defiance Trading Post vault since the late 1920′s – it was unreal! Francis was a very early Indian Trader who owned Fort Defiance, Chilchimbito, Wide Ruins and several other Trading Posts from around 1910 until about 1955 when he went into prison. Check out the link above to read this most interesting story.

Antique Indian Silver Jewelry – buy and sell

John Hartman of Durango Silver Company has been very active in the Antique Indian Silver Jewelry since 1972. He has studied Southwestern  American Indian Art and had a tremendous amount of old Indian pawn Jewelry as well as Antique Indian Silver Jewelry. John is very knowledgeable in this subject and is always interested in purchasing one piece or an entire estate or collection of Native American Antique Indian Turquoise and Silver Jewelry.  If you are interested is selling an early collection, get hold of John at, send photos and descriptions as to what you know about your Jewelry.

 If you are interested in purchasing Antique Indian Silver Jewelry, check out what we presently have online in our Jewelry Gallery at If you are interested in more info and want to see new collections as they come in, we invite you to join our email newsletter as we inform our members first and often give them discounts as well.

We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are thinking of Antique Indian Silver Jewelry.



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