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Antique Western Silver JewelryAntique Western Silver

Antique Western SilverAntique Western Silver Jewelry is a specialty at Durango Silver Company. We have been buying, selling and collecting Antique Western Silver Jewelry, Antique Western Silver Cowboy items such as Silver Spurs and Bits, Silver Saddles and Antique Western Silver Native American Indian Jewelry for over 40 years.

Antique Western Silver Jewelry has become our specialty and we have created a great informational presentation on this subject located on at Antique Western Silver – check it out!

We have a lot of old Navajo and Zuni Indian Jewelry as well as Antique Western Silver that is from when the West was still wild! We have a lot of Route 66 Fred Harvey Western Silver as well as great old Navajo Silver Jewelry that has become very hard to find.

Antique Western Silver Jewelry

 Antique Western Silver JewelryWe buy and sell Antique Western Silver Jewelry such as old Cowboy and Indian Jewelry as pictured here to the left. We will buy inti re collections and – or estates of Western Americana. We have a large collection ourselves and we often pick several of our own personal items to sell at our online store.

The piece to the left is an Antique Navajo Silver Bridle that was made around 1900 and was well used, most likely by a Navajo who traded for it. This Silver Bridle was made with old Silver coins that were melted down and poured into ingots, they were then pounded out into sheet and then hand stamped and tooled to creat this wonderful one of a kind piece of American history.

We have many other early Antique Western Silver items from the American Southwest that are historic and seldom scene. These type of items are dear to us as we appreciate the history of the region that we live in and have seriously collected historic Silver for over 40 years.

Antique Western Silver

We have several great stories on our experiences collecting Antique Western Silver that can be found in our Learning Center on Check out the Fort Defiance Collection purchase story as well as others, there is a lot of cool information there. Also we have a by-monthly newsletter that we send out via email, we often have more great stories on our colorful past collecting Antique Western Silver. We also send notices to our members when we purchase Antique Western Silver Collections so they get first chance at the items. You can join our Newsletter here!

We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company and come back often as you think of Antique Western Silver.




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