White Turquoise

White Turquoise

White Turquoise Ring

White TurquoiseWhite Buffalo Turquoise is from Nevada, owned and mined by the Otteson’s who also own and mine the Royston Turquoise Mine. White colored¬†Turquoise is unusual and is beautiful in Southwestern Silver Jewelry. The White Turquoise Ring to the left was produced by Durango Silver Company, we make a lot of White Turquoise Jewelry so make certain to come back often to see the new white Turquoise Jewelry items we add weekly. Visit our presentation page on White Turquoise.

This White Buffalo Turquoise Ring was made in a bezel setting with a fancy stamped ring shank. This is a popular contemporary style that is in vogue in today’s marketplace.

White Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company produces many types of Silver Jewelry with white Turquoise. We have several types of white colored Turquoise, the most common being White Buffalo Turquoise, however, there are several other types of white colored Turquoise that is beautiful as well. We produce great White Turquoise Rings, White Turquoise Bracelets, White Turquoise Pendants, White Turquoise Necklaces, White Turquoise Earrings and many other types of Silver Jewelry made with White Turquoise as well as White Buffalo Turquoise. Check out our informational page on White Turquoise Rings.

White Turquoise

 Durango Silver Company has been in the Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry business for almost 40 years now and is considered one of the premier places to find high quality Turquoise Jewelry as well as Silver Jewelry. We mine and buy Turquoise direct from the American Turquoise Mines and hand cut most all of the Turquoise Gemstones we use in our Jewelry, white colored Turquoise is just one of many rare and unusual types of Turquoise we use in our Jewelry. Our Jewelry is handmade in the USA, a good share of the Jewelry we produce is made here in Durango, Colorado USA, plus, we buy and have Native American Indians make our gemstones into Jewelry as well.

We have a Silver Gallery here in Durango and we also have our online Silver Gallery located on the Internet which is associated to this blog. We invite you to visit either of our locations to view the White Turquoise Jewelry we have on hand and hope you will return often as we ad new products daily. We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering White Turquoise.



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