Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling Silver Ring

Sterling Silver RingIf you are interested in a Sterling Silver Ring, we invite you to read our new informational presentation page that has some great photos with descriptions describing differences between many types of Sterling Silver Rings that we make here in Durango, Colorado USA.

A Sterling Silver Ring from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company specializes in handmade Sterling Silver Rings made in the USA. Our company resides in Durango, Colorado and we make our Sterling Silver Jewelry right in in the Southwest. All of our Sterling Silver Jewelry is unique and one of a kind so you will have a Sterling Silver Ring that is unique to only you.

A Quality Sterling Silver Ring

There is a big difference between a production Silver Ring made in mass for the general public and a handmade Sterling Silver Ring from our company. We make handcrafted one of a kind Sterling Silver Jewelry and we are proud to say is it made in the USA. Our standard of quality is second to none and we feel we produce a very high quality Sterling Silver Ring that is not easily found elsewhere. We sell all of our own Sterling Silver Jewelry ourselves in our online store as well as in our Trading Company located here in Durango.

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