Silver Ring Thing

It’s a Silver Ring Thing!

Silver rings have always been very popular.  Today silver rings are rapidly growing in popularity with the rising price of metals and the change in interest in new generations. 

When buying a wedding ring today, for many people it is a Silver Ring Thing

Bisbee Turquoise and Silver Ring featured in Glamour Magazine

Bisbee Turquoise Ring featured in Glamour Magazine

Today it is a silver ring thing when it comes to the younger crowd.  Today’s youth have grown up around their parents who were part of the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s free love experience who where enamored by silver jewelry, turquoise jewelry, and especially silver rings.   This new generation had parents that wore a lot of Turquoise jewelry, silver jewelry and American artisan handmade jewelry.  For this generation is was no doubt a silver ring thing that was a major part of their fashion statement.  This has carried over to their children, the up and coming generation.  Having seen their parents wear a lot of silver jewelry and especially silver rings, this generation is much more fond of silver jewelry then they are of gold jewelry. With today’s silver and gold prices it is also a pocket book thing as to why when this generationg buys a wedding ring it is a silver ring thing.  When they are going to buy a fun ring such as a dinner ring it is most certainly a silver ring thing.

In High Fashion it is a Silver Ring Thing

Fashion Silver Ring ThingThe next time you take a gander at a Vogue, Glamour or InStyle magazine, notice how most of the jewelry being worn and advertised is silver jewelry and less gold jewelry.  You will find this trend increasing as silver and gold prices continue to rise.   In jewelers circles they are now calling silver the new gold.  Some of the most popular of pieces of jewelry in high fashion are rings and with today’s metal prices it is increasingly a silver ring thing!

Keep your eyes peeled and you will see jewelry fashion is rapidly moving towards a Silver Ring Thing!


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