Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

silver jewelry

 Durango Silver Company produces some of the highest quality Silver Jewelry coming out of the Southwest, in fact, we have  been producing high quality Silver Jewelry for nearly four decades here in Durango, Colorado USA. All of our Silver Jewelry is handmade in the USA and we are very proud to be able to say this, we hope you like American made products as that is what we produce and handle.

We make Sterling Silver Jewelry of impecable quality, we use Sterling Silver and incomporate our Silver designs with Turquoise and other colorful gemstones such as Lapis, Corals, Sugilite, Rhodocrosite, Gaspeite, Rubies, Opals and many other fine quality gemstones. Our Silver Jewelry is superior because we care about our Jewelry and we do not make it just to make money, we love what we do and we love our clients who appreciate what we produce.

Native American Silver Jewelry

We also carry Navajo and Zuni American Indian Jewelry that meets our standards. We have been trading with the Navajo and Zuni Indians for over 40 years and have handled their Silver Jewelry for the durations of our business life. We mine Turquoise and trade our Turquoise with the Native American Indians to have put into our Jewelry. We also cut Turquoise gemstones and trade them to the Navajo Indians to have made into Southwestern Silver Jewelry.

Southwestern Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry has been made in the Soutwestern regions of the United States since 1865 when a Navajo named Atsidi Sani learned how to work Silver from the Spaniards who were in this areas seeking gold and silver. Atsidi Sani was responsable for bringing the Silver Jewelry industry to the Southwest and then it was escalated by the white man who worked with the Native Americans to make Silver Jewelry that was marketable to the tourists and the cities on the west coast, mainly southern California.

Today, the Silver Jewelry industry has grown substancially and there are many contemporary Silver Artisans, Native American Silver Artisans and Southwestern Jewelry production shops. Until recently there were a lot of individuals in this area making cheap Turquoise Jewelry for the fashion market, however, when Silver went up over $40.00 per ounce the cheap Jewelry industry fell to its knees.  As a result Silversmiths in this area as well as the world are falling out of the trade like flies unless they make quality Silver Jewelry that sells in a price range that they can sustain themselves.

Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

We have been in the quality Silver Jewelry for decades and this is fortunate for us as business is good and getting better. We has the insite to mine and collect high grade Turquoise and now we have stock piles of fantastic Turquoise, as well as other gemstones, that will enable us to continue producing high quality Silver Jewelry that is in high demand.

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We hope you will browse through our online store and check out our quality Silver Jewelry, we think you will be glad you did!



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