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silver jewellerySilver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery has become the Jewellery of choice by millions of people worldwide today. Many say Sterling Silver is the new Gold in the Jewellery industry and many companies that were producing Gold Jewellery in the past are moving into the Silver Jewellery business.

Southwestern Silver Jewellery

Durango Silver Company has been producing handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery here in Durango, Colorado USA for nearly forty years now and has been a major contributor to the Southwestern Jewellery market by developing new innovative Silver Jewellery designs for the Southwestern Jewellery marketplace. We work with the Native American Indians in our region and have them make our designs into Sterling Silver as well as Sterling Silver with Turquoise.

Recently, contemporary Silver Jewellery from the American Southwest has been the rage in the American Jewellery marketplace, our company has been in the forefront in Jewellery design and has been seeing big increases in the interest of our Jewellery by people throughout the world, this is mainly due to our Online Internet Web-Store and our global marketing efforts. The popularity of Silver Jewellery is increasing dramatically around the world and individual people love handmade American Jewellery from the Southwestern USA.

Western Silver Jewellery

Western American Silver Jewellery is uniquely different from Jewellery made anywhere else in the world. Most Jewellery, both Silver and Gold that is made elsewhere in the world in not handmade like Jewellery made here in the Southwest, in fact, most of the jewellery made is not handmade at all! Most Jewellery manufacturers made machine made Jewelry as it is way more cost effective to make. Machine made Jewellery holds about 98% of the marketplace and is also what 98% of what people buy. People buy machine made Jewellery just to have a piece of Jewellery, they are not really Jewellery buyers as they just want the look of having a piece of Jewellery on their body.

Quality Silver Jewellery

Quality handmade Silver Jewellery is unique and not everyone can afford this type of Jewellery. Quality Silver Jewellery is much more affordable and in general, many people actually can afford to purchase and wear Sterling Silver Jewellery. Still, many people individualize themselves in many different ways and Southwestern Handmade Silver Jewellery in just one of many.

Durango Silver Company makes high quality Silver Jewellery that is unique and one of a kind, we cater to what we consider an elete group on individuals that enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life. Our clients are usually unique people that like to be different from the crowd, not necessarily stand out, but just be able to think outside of the box.

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We invite you to visit our online store and view the Southwestern Handmade Silver Jewellery that we produce.


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