Silver Beads

silver beadsSilver Beads

Silver Beads have been an intrecal part of Southwestern Silver Jewelry for nearly as long as it has been made here in the southwest. The Navajos learned early on how to make Silver Beads and used them to create their Squash Blossom Necklaces as well as many of their other Silver Necklaces.

How Silver Beads are made

Silver Beads are made by cutting two pieces of Silver into circles, next small holes are drilled into the center of the circles, the circles are then domed by using a steel dapping block and a 1/2 round punch to dome the Silver into a bead half. Next you put two  Bead halfs together and solder them into a Silver Bead. The beads are polished by stringing them on a wire and using a buffing machine to finish them into a beautiful Silver bead.

Making Silver Beads is a time consuming and tedious job, the thickness of the Silver and the quality of the craftsmanship determin the actual value of the bead. Silver beads have been made worldwide by Silversmiths to be used as necklaces and their are many shapes other than round, however, they are all made in the same mannor by making two halves and then soldering them together.

Silver Beads of the Southwest

Navajo Silver and/or Southwestern Silver is quite unique and great Silver Beads have been designed by Southwestern Silversmiths. They often stamp or engrave beautiful designs in the Silver circles before doming the bead halves which makes a completely different look in the beads. They make fluted beads as well as many other styles. Southwestern Silver Beads are highly sought after and have been collected by many for over a hundred years.

We invite you to take a look at the Silver Beads Durango Silver has on hand and hope you will come back often as we ad more Silver Beads to our inventory often.



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