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Best Silver Jewelry

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Best Silver Jewelry

We believe Best silver jewelry Durango Silver Company has some of  the best silver jewelry being produced in the Southwest today! We have been in the Silver Jewelry business for nearly 40 years and our specialty has been the best silver Jewelry since we began in business. We produce Silver Jewelry here in Durango, Colorado USA and we also have handled Native American Indian Jewelry for the duration that we have been in business as well. We handle Navajo and Zuni Native American Silver Jewelry of the highest quality.

Best Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company is located in the Southwestern region of the United States. This area is well known worldwide for its distinctive style of Silverwork which is unique and some of the best Silver Jewelry made in the world. American  Turquoise was made in this region nearly as long as Silver Jewelry. Durango Silver Company has collected and mined Turquoise in Nevada for over 40 years and we cut and set our finest Turquoise in our jewelry which make our jewelry some of the best silver jewelry being produced in the Southwest.

American’s Best Silver Jewelry 

We feel, Durango Silver Company produces some of America’s best Silver Jewelry that is handmade in Sterling Silver. We invite you to visit Durango Silver Company to browse through the best silver jewelry we currently have in stock. We also feel we produce some of the highest quality Turquoise and Silver Jewelry being made in the United States as we seriously put our heart and sole into the Silver Jewelry that we produce. We are amoung the leading authorities on American Turquoise and are some of the few Silver Jewelry producers in the Southwest that are totally concious of exactly what Turquoise we use in our Jewelry.

Check out silver jewelry on Wikipedia.

Take a look at some of the best Silver Jewelry being made in the United States today!

Silver Rings Online

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Silver Rings Online

silver rings online

Jewelry and especially rings hold an enormous amount of symbolism and meaning in our lives. They tend to represent the most important things and people we hold dear. It usually represents love, commitment, covenant, and passion in our culture. No other piece of jewelry holds such significance. Silver rings represent a large amount of the rings we hold dear.  There are many different types of silver rings online.

Different Reasons People Buy Silver Rings Online

There are silver rings and silver jewelry online to represent any needs people may have. People buy silver rings online for all types of reasons.  Some people buy silver rings online for wedding rings, some people buy silver rings online with gemstones, a lot of people buy Turquoise and Silver Rings online, and women buy silver rings online with birth stones representing their children called “mother’s rings”.

Over time the silver rings people have purchased online become momentos of times past, representatives of feelings, people and places in peoples lives.  When people see these rings or other jewelry they have purchased at a specific time, place or for a specific person in their life, memories come flooding back much like a picture.

Why Silver Rings bring back so many memories

Fashion Silver Ring OnlineRings, including silver rings online, are some of the best momemtos as they are fun to wear and constantly pass your eye during the day.  All jewelry, especially silver jewelry and silver rings online are great gifts to give that will bring back memories for ages.  Silver rings and especially some of the silver rings online a great source of memories for many people due to the affordability and easy of purchase.  Due to these factors, many people buy silver rings online for other people as gifts for birthdays, weddings, and other major events in peoples lives.

The Differences in Silver Rings online

Turquoise and silver ring online

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Silver Ring

There are many different kinds of silver rings online. There are low end silver rings online, high end silver rings online, silver rings with and without gemstones, modern silver rings, and the most popular are Turquoise and silver rings online.   The silver rings online are made by American artists, Chinese artists, Tibetan artist, Thai artists, Mexican artists, and many other great artists.

Hopefully this short story about silver rings online has touched your heart and next time you have a special occasion you will think of purchasing one of the  special silver rings online.

Silver Beads

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

silver beadsSilver Beads

Silver Beads have been an intrecal part of Southwestern Silver Jewelry for nearly as long as it has been made here in the southwest. The Navajos learned early on how to make Silver Beads and used them to create their Squash Blossom Necklaces as well as many of their other Silver Necklaces.

How Silver Beads are made

Silver Beads are made by cutting two pieces of Silver into circles, next small holes are drilled into the center of the circles, the circles are then domed by using a steel dapping block and a 1/2 round punch to dome the Silver into a bead half. Next you put two  Bead halfs together and solder them into a Silver Bead. The beads are polished by stringing them on a wire and using a buffing machine to finish them into a beautiful Silver bead.

Making Silver Beads is a time consuming and tedious job, the thickness of the Silver and the quality of the craftsmanship determin the actual value of the bead. Silver beads have been made worldwide by Silversmiths to be used as necklaces and their are many shapes other than round, however, they are all made in the same mannor by making two halves and then soldering them together.

Silver Beads of the Southwest

Navajo Silver and/or Southwestern Silver is quite unique and great Silver Beads have been designed by Southwestern Silversmiths. They often stamp or engrave beautiful designs in the Silver circles before doming the bead halves which makes a completely different look in the beads. They make fluted beads as well as many other styles. Southwestern Silver Beads are highly sought after and have been collected by many for over a hundred years.

We invite you to take a look at the Silver Beads Durango Silver has on hand and hope you will come back often as we ad more Silver Beads to our inventory often.