Bisbee Turquoise Video

Bisbee Turquoise Video Presentation

Bisbee Turquoise Video Presentation

Bisbee Turquoise Video Educational Presentation -

Durango Silver Company has just completed a new educational presentation for Bisbee Turquoise in a informational page with photos, educational text and a Bisbee Turquoise Video. We invite you to visit our new presentation page located on

This Bisbee Turquoise Video has a lot of good information on Bisbee Turquoise with good video clips showing the different color ranges and charicteristics of Bisbee Turquoise. Bisbee Turquoise is rare and valuable, this video can help you distinguish if you have Bisbee Turquoise or not. Dillon also shows you some great Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry that was made or produced by Durango Silver Company. Durango Silver Company owns one of the largest Bisbee Tuquoise collections in the world and are authorities on Bisbee Turquoise.


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