Zuni Turquoise Jewelry

Zuni Indian Jewelry

Zuni Turquoise Jewelry

Zuni Turquoise Jewelry – The Zuni Indians have been and continue to make excellent Turquoise Jewelry and most of it high quality. The Zuni Indian Reservation is south-west of Gallup, New Mexico and a good share of their Jewelry is traded in Gallup. Their unique designs will continue to stand the test of time and remain in high fashion for years and generations to come. Petit Point, Needle Point and Inlay Jewelry made by the Zuni Indians is exquisite and generally of very high quality. Additional information on Zuni Turquoise Jewelry, old and new, can be found throughout the Durango Silver website, we invite you to follow the links to this exciting Jewelry made in American by the Zuni Indians.

For Turquoise Jewelry Educational Information, see our Turquoise Jewelry Presentation. For additional information on Zuni Indians and Zuni Turquoise Jewelry visit our Zuni Jewelry Presentation.


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