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Bisbee Turquoise

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
Bisbee Turquoise Cabochons

Bisbee Turquoise

Bisbee Turquoise – Dillon and John Hartman have just finished cutting a great selection of Bisbee Turquoise cabochons and Dillon is putting them up online for your consideration.

Nattarika will also be putting up new Bisbee Turquoise Jewelry as we are making up many great stones into Bisbee Turquoise Pendants.

Bisbee Turquoise has a wide range of color from a beautiful light sky blue to a deep dark midnight blue which is very rare and seldom scene. Beautiful green colors are also found in Bisbee Turquoise and some rare occurrences of blue and green combinations in the same stone. Bisbee Turquoise is known for it’s chocolate brown matrix, however, red colored spider webbed matrix is also found, but rarely. For more information and photos of Bisbee Turquoise, go to our sister site:

Victorian Silver – Victorian Silver Jewelry

Monday, February 21st, 2011
Victorian Silver
Victorian Silver and Turquoise Jewelry

Victorian Silver, Victorian turquoise Jewelry and Victorian Silver Jewelry - We invite you to visit our new educational presentation on Victorian Silver Turquoise JewelryWe have a rich background in Victorian Silver as our Trading Company originally dealt in Western American Antiques such as Antique Firearms, Wild West Show memorabilia, vintage Cowboy and Antique American Indian artifacts. As we began our careers as jewelers making gold and silver jewelry, we have always been attracted to Victorian Silver which we found to be incorporated in most all of the Antiques we dealt in.

I, John Hartman, have created several lines of Jewelry with the Victorian Silver theme such as old Cowboy Jewelry, Vintage Horse Regalia and I even worked with the Fred Harvey Company to re-create a line of Victorian Silver Jewelry that resembled the Vintage Navajo Jewelry that was made in the victorian period. Victorian Silver runs deep in my veins and today I have begun creating a new type of Victorian Silver with a Southwestern accent. I consider my new type of Jewelry as Victorian Silver Jewelry.

Earrings Turquoise

Monday, February 21st, 2011
Silver Earrings Turquoise

Earrings Turquoise

Earrings Turquoise - We invite you to visit our new Silver Earrings Turquoise educational page that we have just put up!

Durango Silver Company deals in Silver Earrings Turquoise and other gemstones and is planning on building up a collection of high quality Turquoise Earrings for 2011. In the fall and Christmas season of 2010, Durango Silver Companies Silver Earring Turquoise supply was nearly depleted as demand for Turquoise Earrings went through the roof. As a result, Estell, Dillon and Nattarika Hartman along with John and Crystal are going to produce substantially more Silver Earrings with Turquoise as well as many other gemstones, we will also re-introduce some of our Silver Earrings from the past.

You can expect to see many Navajo Turquoise EarringsZuni Turquoise EarringsTurquoise Stud EarringsTurquoise Dangle EarringsTurquoise Hoop EarringsFeather EarringsTurquoise Chandelier EarringsGreen Turquoise EarringsBlue Turquoise EarringsTurquoise Gold Earrings and Silver Turquoise Earrings from our company. We invite you to visit the Durango Silver Website often to see the new and exciting quality Silver Earrings our company will produce.