Navajo Jewelry

Navajo Jewelry by Durango Silver Company
Navajo Jewelry

Navajo Jewelry-  Navajo Jewelry began about 1865 in the Southwestern regions of the United States. It all began when Atsidi Sani learned the Silversmithing trade from the Spaniards who were coming into the region on a hunt for Gold and Silver.

Durango Silver has created a great educational presentation on Navajo Jewelry that includes photos, descriptions and links to other related educational pages.
The Navajo Indians played an important roll in the development of  Turquoise Jewelryin the United States and their Turquoise Jewelry has been admired by different people throughout the world. Navajo Jewelry is collected by people all over the globe and Durango Silver Company has been inundated by individuals interested in Navajo Jewelry and Navajo Turquoise Jewelry so we are creating many documents on this subject.
Other related subjects we will be creating educational presentations for are: Navajo Rings, Navajo Earrings, Navajo Pendants, Navajo Necklaces, Navajo Bracelets, Navajo Turquoise, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry, Western Silver  and Navajo Silver.

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