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Thai Silver - Hill Tribe ToursHello,

We have been talking to Jit, (Nattarika’s Father), he says he would entertain an offer to take groups of three or less into the Hill Tribe Villages to the Silversmiths and introduce individual buyers to the Silversmiths that intend to purchase quantities of Thai Silver Jewelry.

This, of course, would take time on Jit’s part to go to the Thai Hill Tribe Villages to investigate the Thai Silversmiths, where they are and which ones produce enough Thai Silver Jewelry to be able to sell to the buyers. Also, there are many other things Jit will need to have a good understanding of before he can take individuals into the villages.

Jit is totally capable of putting together Jewelry buying tours and if he agrees to do this, everyone will proper! I am proposing Jit to do a four to five day tour which will teach the buyers how to work with the Hill Tribe Silversmiths, how to buy, how to translate, how to find the Silversmiths  and so on.  I am thinking that Jit and one Tribal translator for each Tribe would make $1000.00 plus their lodging and meals for four days and $250.00 plus expenses per day there after.

If you are interested, we would like to hear from you! Take a look at Jit’s current business, Chiang Mai Elephantsand then call or email Dillon with your comments. As a Silver Jewelry dealer and entrepreneur, I would think this would be an opportunity of a lifetime as Silver is going to go through the roof and Thai Silver is awesome.

For further information contact:

John Hartman 970 375-2401 or
Dillon Hartman at the same number


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