A view from Durango, Colorado USA

Southwestern United States of America – Paridise on Earth!

Southwestern Colorado is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth!

┬áThe air is pure, the climate is mild and dry, the scenery is unbelievable and in every direction from Durango is another Southwestern adventure! Southwestern people are friendly and hospitible which makes visitors feel happy to be here. The food is wonderful, the lodging is modern with price ranges averaging from $40. – $160.00 per night just about anywhere you travel. Oh! for the most part, you can usually find lodging on the fly, so you can plan a trip to the Southwestern USA at the last moment. The roads are great and it is very easy to navigate the Southwestern regions without concern.

Deep in the heart of the Southwest sets Durango, Colorado. Durango is a spectacular area with mountains, rivers, red earth and clear blue skies. People here enjoy bicycle riding, hiking, riding their Harley, four wheeling, river and mountain sports in the summer and winter, hunting, fishing the Southwestern good life. In every direction from Durango you will find great Southwestern adventures from the high Rocky Mountains to the red earth deserts of the Southwest. If you have not been to the Southwestern United States, Durango Colorado is a great place to land as your home base.

North of Durango is Southwestern Colorado at its best

To the north of Durango is one of the finest regions of the Rocky Mountains. It is the Southwestern most region where the Rocky Mountains rise from the desert floor of the great Southwestern Canyon Lands of the Southwestern United States. The Southwestern Rocky Mountains are just as spectacular as the Canadian Rocky Mountains and have many of the same characteristics, The big difference is that this region is much further south so the climate is naturally warmer and the winter season is shorter. The vegitation is just as beautiful with Blue Spruce, multiple types of Pine and Aspen trees. The rigid mountain peaks have extreme vertical rise just as the Canadian Rockies. The streams, rivers, lakes and unusual water features of the Southwestern Rockies are every bit as spectacular as any other region of the Rocky Mountains.

Canyonlands of Southwestern USATo the west of Durango is the most dramatic display of rock formations you will ever see! Stop at Mesa Verde National Park to see ancient remains of the Anasazi Indians which will completely humble you. Continuing west outcroppings of rock and red rock formations begin in Southwestern Colorado and as you travel west into Southern Utah the become extreme. Moab, Utah is only 2 1/2 hours from Durango and the drive is fabulous! Moab is a good hub location for your Canyonland adventures, and you will absolutely love it there – everything about it! Rent Jeeps, take guided tours, raft the Colorado Whitewater, bike, hike and have great fun in the sun. Head further west to Bryce and Zion Canyons and you will freak out, to say the least!!! Then head on down to the Grand Canyon for the Grand Finale – you will never see anything like this for the rest of your life.

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