Green Turquoise Pendants

Green Turquoise Pendant –
Green Turquoise Pendants by Durango Silver Company
Green Turquoise Pendant

Durango Silver Company mines Green Turquoise in Nevada and we have collected Nevada Green Turquoise for nearly forty years. We have been stone cutters for the same amount of time and have always been very fond of Green American Turquoise.

We use the highest quality Green Turquoise cabochons to make our Green Turquoise Pendants and we specialize in Green Turquoise Pendants with Green Turquoise that we have mined ourselves. We produce many types of Green Turquoise Pendants from simple bezel set stones to very fancy Green Turquoise Fashion Pendants. Visit our presentation page on Green Turquoise Pendants, you will find a lot of great information as well as photos of green Turquoise Pendants on this page.
We give away many Green Turquoise Pendants in our monthly Jewelry giveaway program. We invite you to join our Newsletter which often has great information about green Turquoise as well as Green Turquoise Pendants.
Durango Silver produces Southwestern and Western Silver with many different types of Green Turquoise, most being from Nevada, however, we also have a lot of green Turquoise from Colorado and New Mexico as well. We invite you to take a look at our Jewelry as it is high quality and different from other Turquoise Jewelry from other companies.


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