Sugilite from Durango Silver Co

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Sugilite – Sugilite is a fascinating Gemstone from South Africa that Jewelers and their customers around the world are desperate for. Spiritual minded healers and believers absolutely praise this spectacular purple colored rock that has now become nearly impossible to acquire.

Durango Silver Co was fortunate to obtain a large amount of fine quality Sugilite years ago and has hung onto it as we were mainly interested in Turquoise. These days, we have become fascinated with the stone ourselves and love accenting our Turquoise Jewelry with it.

 The largest deposits of Sugilite were found at the Wessels Mine in Northern Cape Province of So Africa. Sugilite has become hard to find and it is desirable by collectors as well as holistic minded people for its metaphysical powers. Gem grade (Gel) Sugilite is beautifully translucent and is the most valuable.

If you are interested in Sugilite, view our Sugilite Video and follow Durango Silver Co for new Sugilite Jewelry added to our site weekly. You can also join our Newsletter Group for inside information and Free Turquoise and Sugilite Jewelry that is given away each month. Also, visit our webpage presentation on Sugilite,  you will like it!



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